Reports from Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Emmanuel Rhema


On the first day of the program, we held the Healing Crusade instead of the Training. The attendance was encouraging—the number of people that attended the Training can change the city by what they were taught and by what they witnessed.

On the first day I preached on “You Can Be Healed.” Immediately after the message I called out a man (who I later found out was assistant superintendent of police) who was afflicted in both feet for about seven months. He had not been able to walk on either leg. I ministered to him by commanding his legs to be healed. Immediately he regained strength and started walking. The swelling on his legs disappeared immediately. The congregation clapped with joy. Some of them later testified that they had never seen a live miracle healing—only on television—but that day they witnessed it face to face. 

The faith of the people was greatly activated by the healing of this policeman.

I called out a woman with a dislocated neck. I commanded the pain to leave and the nerve, tendon and ligament to be re-aligned, declaring the neck healed. She turned her neck up and down and sideways. She could not believe it. She began to weep, shouting, “I am healed, I am healed!” Her husband and elder daughter also came out to bear witness to the healing. 

Then I called out a man who was deaf and dumb for 37 years. In a second God opened his ears and loosed his tongue. He could hear and speak with clarity.

At this stage I ministered to the sick from distance. Many came forth to testify of their healing—those who had various kinds of sickness, neck pain, waist pain, eye problems, etc. The testimony that moved me the most was the one I heard later from a woman who had a fibroid. When she was going home she felt something coming out of her. She ran to a toilet in someone’s house, and behold it was the fibroid that came out.

On the Saturday morning we had the Training where I taught the believers The Elijah Challenge method of healing the sick from Scripture, which is the most simplest way to minister to the sick. The believers were truly equipped. As they ministered to the sick eighty percent of them were instantly healed.

In the evening of that Saturday I preached on “Jesus The Healer Is Here.” Then I called out for the equipped believers to minister to the sick. They came out; the result was incredible as many testified of their healings. Some of the believers were amazed that they too could heal the sick.

Sunday was the last day and we held the Training in the morning and the Crusade in the evening. It was all incredible as the trained believers ministered to the sick; many were instantly healed and testified.

Some of the testimonies recorded were:
1. Myopic eyesight healed
2. A pin came out of a lady’s body
3. Neck problem healed
4. Leg problem healed
5. Deafness healed
6. Fibroid healed
7. Chest problem healed
8. Migraine headache healed
These are some of the instant miracle healings that were recorded. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


Brother Emmanuel proclaiming the Kingdom of God

Healing the infirm at a distance in Jesus’ name