Kuantan is on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Pastor Richard Ong of Grace Charismatic Church hosted The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training which took place over four days. After the Training, Evangelistic Healing Rallies were held where the teaching would be applied by the trained servants of God.

In the Chinese language evangelistic meeting, seven souls confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior after Jesus was proclaimed as the only way to the Father. The Chinese-speaking believers were very zealous for the Lord and had made an effort to bring the lost to the meeting to hear the gospel.

In the English language evangelistic meeting, there were several miraculous healings reported. After Christ was proclaimed as the Son of God with authority to forgive sins, the trained servants of God laid hands on the infirm to heal them as Christ commanded His disciples. Among those who came forward for healing was a teenage girl brought by a Christian friend. They sat in the second row in the front, the girl leaning weakly against her friend with her eyes closed. She sank lower and lower and by the end of the message her upper body was draped over her friend’s thighs.

When I called for those who needed healing to come forward, the girl managed to come up along with several other people with infirmities. Two ladies ministered to her. She told them that her body had no strength and was in pain. The two sisters laid hands on her and rebuked the infirmity in Jesus’ name. Within a minute or so she began to vomit. It became so forceful that she had to bend over. After several more minutes of commanding the evil spirits to leave, the two ladies succeeded in setting the girl free. She climbed up to the stage to testify that her strength had returned to normal, jumping into the air when I asked for a demonstration. She said that the pain was completely gone.

Others testified as well of being healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. All these miracles proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to the Father in accordance with John 14:11. The saints—both Chinese and Indians—rejoiced at the Lord’s marvelous deeds.

With these two evangelistic meetings over, the Advanced Elijah Challenge Training in Kuantan was completed. Afterwards we heard a good report from one sister who was trained.

Testimony received after the Training

“Would like to thank for your Basic Training [with Pastor Albert Kang] and also the recent Advanced Training. I’ve really been blessed after completing the whole training.

I use to go to the hospital preaching the gospel. I wanted to heal the sick but I struggled with it because I didn’t know how to do it. I had been seeking the Lord about why I failed and after completing the above two trainings I got all the answers. I really thank God for the answer to my prayer.

I want to let you know I just came back from a hospital visit and managed to get one soul saved. Her name is Puspa and she is from Pekan. She was bedridden for the past few years. She had back pain, pain in both legs, pain in her right hand and could not lift up her hand. She was admitted to the hospital for a few days. But today after I preached the gospel to her and laid hands on her, she was able get up and sit on the bed, all pain in her body was gone and she could lift up her right hand. She was so happy. I asked her whether she would like to come down and try to walk, she said she wanted to try the next day.

The Chinese lady next to her said at the time she was admitted she had been lying down and could not get up. Praise the Lord for what he has done today. Glory to God.”

In His harvest,
Christina – Grace Charismatic Church