The Kondally Slum area is in New Delhi

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India

Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

“Praise the Lord, we had another victorious Elijah Challenge Evangelistic and Feeding Event at the Kondally Slum area of New Delhi on May 17, 2008. It was an evening meeting. In this slum people get electricity for few hours with very low voltage. Four hundred sixty-eight people attended the meeting and close to three hundred seventy people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Most of them were young people in this Hindu-dominated place. (See the photos below.)

In the past, Hindu fundamentalists would use many of these young people to stop Christian meetings around Delhi. This was the first time the gospel was preached to these young people and the first time they saw miracles in Jesus’ name. While The Elijah Challenge-trained believers were ministering to the sick, all of a sudden the electricity failed and there was no light. Our TEC-trained leaders continued to heal the sick and broke the power of the Lord’s enemies. As the result of the Feeding Event, many have been baptized.

We are laboring sincerely, and the Lord is enabling us to reach many in North India. Thousands of pastors in other states of North India have heard about the power evangelism of The Elijah Challenge Evangelistic and Feeding Events. I have received many calls from Panjab and Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. There is a need to do two Feeding Events in a month. If the Lord provides funds, the laborers are ready to go and reach those unreached villages in North India.”


The Kondally Slum area of New Delhi

Above & below: Kondally Slum area of New Delhi


The Preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Hindus coming to the event

Pastor Simon Haqq preaches to the Hindus

Above & below: Hindus giving their lives to Jesus Christ

When he received Jesus as Savior, his neck was healed

She came suffering from joint pain. TEC-trained Pastor Kamal ministered to her; she was healed and testified

When she came to the meeting she was suffering from a headache. After TEC-trained Pastor O. P. James ministered to her, she testified that she was healed

The Feeding Event

People line up for food

Slum youths enjoying their meal


The Baptisms


The Elijah Challenge-trained local Pastor

Kondally Slum Pastor Kamal (left) with Director of TEC Training Centre India Pastor Joshua Gowda