Tom Linebaugh‘s
 encouraging response to our article:

Why has the Church not fulfilled the Great Commission after 2,000 years?

“You are simply amazing, this is the same message I have been teaching to those I am around.

I have seen great opposition at first, and it even appears, that were I have taught this message, there have been evil spirits in men and or women that seem to be able to block the healing.

I just spoke about this same message, and I saw 2 healed and not one happened inside the church, after I preached or taught the authority of Luke 9 and 10 and Matt 10, these that were healed, occurred outside the church in another building.

One person had pain in the shoulder and was an outside visitor and needed the command of healing in Yahshua the Messiah’s Holy Name, two separate sessions and no further pain problems…She did not come forward in the church, but asked privately.

The other was the pastor that wants to see these things in his congregation. He was only healed after the other people that were laying hands on him as well, left. Then I believe the Holy Spirit or Angel of Yahweh gave me a word of knowledge. The word of knowledge was now the spirits that were blocking the pastors healing for leg pain are gone, so before they came back I commanded healing into his leg again and finally he received relief from pain and was healed… weird…? I was alone with him at that time.

I spoke one time before in this same assembly and it appeared only one person was delivered of an evil spirit, of all that came forward for healing. This resulted in her husband, which had not shown previous regard for God Almighty Yahweh, now showing intense interest and with great enthusiasm started attending meetings, with a great interest to find God Almighty Yahweh…

Where I see the greatest miracles are those with the poor, the outcasts, the homeless, widows, etc…

I see Yahweh healing people on the street as we travel from one end of the country to the other, super amazing things of all kinds… from heart, cancer, pain, the cold made warm, broken bones mended, hepatitis healed, numb finger paralysis healed, rotator cuffs healed, hernias, back problems, etc.. I know Yahweh can do anything for us through faith in Yahshua the Messiah’s holy name! 


Thank you for your boldness and awesome teaching!!!!!!!!!!”

“Thank you for all you do! You are one of the greatest inspirations in my life! And make no mistake that is saying a lot!!!

May Yahweh the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob creator of Heaven & Earth and all that is in them greatly bless you!!! Even more abundantly than He already has…”