The report from the open-air meetings near Trivandrum (Kerala State, India) were glorious. Pastor R. J. Justin Albin, local Coordinator of the Seminar and Crusade working under Pastor Moses Paulose, is eager to hold a much larger Crusade on my next trip to the area. Thousands in that partly idol-worshipping community heard the gospel preached during the four-night Crusade. They saw the great miracles that the Lord did to confirm that Jesus is the Son of the only true God.

One evening I preached from 2 Kings 18 about how the Lord showed the thousands gathered on Mt. Carmel through the prophet Elijah that He was the true God, and not Baal. Like Elijah I was given the boldness to ask the Lord to send “fire from heaven” to show the people that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the true God, and not the false gods they worship. The Lord then SENT THE FIRE—a young man with a severe heart valve condition had come to the meeting. Witnesses saw him walk to the meeting ten feet and then stop to catch his breath, struggle another ten feet, and then stop again to rest, and so forth. A believer laid hands on him at the front as I asked the Lord to send the “fire from heaven,” and the Lord answered. The young man climbed up to the platform to testify that the Lord had healed his heart, and demonstrated it by running on the stage! The crowd erupted in applause; pastors and other servants of God rejoiced and received much, much encouragement seeing how the Lord had glorified His name before the unbelievers. During the four evenings, the Lord did many other miracles through the ministry of the believers as well, including a healing a woman from cancer in her womb, setting free another woman who had been tormented by demons of severe epilepsy, and healing the mind of a man who came to the meeting dressed in dirty clothes suffering from a mental problem that rendered him unable to think or speak normally. My heart rejoiced when I heard the greatful testimonies of others who had been delivered of the pain they had suffered for years when believers laid hands on them. This community has been impacted by the power of the Lord.