Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Subodh Kumar Jena Reports

Durga: This family is so poor and needy. They were suffering from fever for many days. Nobody was there to take care of them or take them for medical treatment. When we went to their village called Malgan, we ministered to them in the name of Jesus Christ and they were healed.

Atul: This little boy is just 2½ years old. He always used to have malaria. Last time he also had a severe fever. His parents admitted him to a hospital. They kept him for four days. Still he had the same problem. We went there and ministered to him. Now he is better than before. No sickness, no malaria—nothing. Thank God for healing this little one.

Another marvelous miracle involved Baba Alekh, a Hindu Priest who had received MAHIMA DHARMA. Many times I would see him go door-to-door and share about his Hindu faith. I came across him and shared the gospel with him. He was amazed about the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he received the Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. In the photo you can see me praying for him.

In a village called Pastipada we arranged some fasting prayer and forty people gathered. One family came to attend from the village of Junagarh. The sister with the red shawl had an eye problem caused by a demonic attack. She would experience fear when she entered her house because of the demon. With much expectation they came to Pastipada to receive a healing touch from the Lord our God. And God healed her. Right after we ministered to her, she testified that she felt well unlike before. Praise God for this wonderful thing. Many came for healing with their many problems. God’s miraculous healing touch was upon them. Many of them want to take water baptism. You can see that photo in a group prayer. I came to know that again they want to arrange this program in some other place.

In a village called Paralsingha we had a prayer meeting. There were twenty-five to thirty people gathered. Our pastor Sagar Pani was not well for ten days with back pain. He had a few injections for his back. After the prayer meeting we returned to Bhawanipatna. On the next morning Sagar Pani called me and said, “Sir I am feeling better.” Praise God. One old woman had knee pain for many years. We ministered to her and she felt the power of God in her body. She was touched and was healed in her body.

Our gas stove has been working steadily for four months, something it has never done before. We bought it in the month of March. Even though we had so many guests in our home still it worked on till the month of June. It is just a marvelous blessing and the miracle that happened for us from the Lord.

Our family photo: Subodh, Rosy & Naithan

All praise and honor to Him alone as He does greater and greater things all through our ministries.