November 2017

The Elijah Challenge Training was held ​in the ​n​ortheast​ern​ state of Assam (less than 4% Christian), where we were hosted by Kumar Swami of the ministry No Place Left Asia. Brother ​Kumar had already been unusually effective training workers to be sent into the Lord’s harvest field according to Luke 10:2. The workers he has trained have planted in Asia a multitude of house churches numbering already around 10,000 and counting. Now that some of his workers have been trained how to “heal the sick who are there” in accordance with Luke 10:9 before proclaiming the kingdom of God, their ​already extraordinary ​fruitfulness will literally be multiplied. 

Kumar mentioned to us that before the Training, his workers were as it ​were​ “unclothed.” But now that they have been trained to use the powerful weapons of power and authority as evidence of the ​truth of the ​gospel, they are now “clothed”—​fully ​dressed and ready for battle. They no longer need to approach the lost in ​fear and ​timidity, but rather in the spirit and power of Elijah who challenged the prophets of Baal: “you pray to your god, and I’ll pray to the Lord. Then we’ll see who is the One True God.”

During our final meeting with Kumar before a mixed crowd of ​mostly ​believers we preached an evangelistic message from Mark 2—where Jesus proved that He had authority to forgive sin by healing the paralytic—we had the trained disciples minister healing to the infirm with power and authority as evidence to everyone present that Jesus could in fact forgive sins and grant eternal life. Many were ​then ​miraculously healed in Jesus’ name and came forward to testifiy. Among them, ​at least ​two people testified that their cancerous tumors had disappeared. One young mother who for two months had been unable to get up following childbirth got up and began to walk. A gentleman, a stanch Hindu, had suffered from a stroke. By the end of of the afternoon he was confidently striding back and forth on the stage despite a limp. A woman whose kidneys were failing could physically feel the Lord’s healing power at work in her ​kidneys.There were many other testimonies of healing as well.

When Kumar asked who wanted to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, several in the crowd came forward. Never before in the many events held previously in that Training Center had such miracles been witnessed.  For a 13-second video of the believers there in Northeast India swaying back and forth as they praise the Lord, just watch the youtube video below.



Testimony received from Kumar the following week

“Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for coming and strengthening the work by giving us training. Yesterday, one college girl who lives 480 km from us texted me that she has been bleeding since last month and she undergone [treatment from] many doctors but not been cured. She asked me to pray over her. Texting her back, I ministered to her with great authority and told her that her bleeding will stop by next 24 hours. And today, she text me saying that her bleeding stopped this morning and she is completely fine. Hallelujah!!!!”