Jaimie Alonso
March 2014

Jaimie Alonso Reports

This was my 4th trip to Juarez, Mexico. I landed in El Paso, from Canada, for one night and then walked across the boarder into Juarez with my host pastor and translator Pastor Chuy. I have found Pst. Chuy to be a great example of a dedicated missionary to a violent city despite the many invitations to pastor large Hispanic churches in America. He and his wife and three children have sacrificed for more than 15 years to serve in this city. They have lived by faith and have seen God provide in every situation for their needs. Together we rode a bus to his home, some 50 minutes from the border through the streets of Juarez.

The bus ride was a cultural enlightenment. Even though there are drug cartels and murders almost everyday, I witnessed the politeness of the teenagers as they willingly gave up their seats to let older folks, like me, or moms with children or groceries sit down. The atmosphere was very friendly even though the bus was crammed.  Over the past few years I have really benefitted spiritually by being able to stay in the homes of my hosts and enjoying the culture of each country regardless of income levels.

We took the bus to a supermarket/mall where we purchased food and then took a taxi for $3.00 to Pst. Chuy’s home. Nothing beats home cooked Mexican food!! At the mall I wanted to visit the girl that we had ministered too a few years back. She had extreme pain from an eye operation and was healed immediately. She spotted us and had a very warm smile for us. Her healing had continued to this very trip. 


My first night of ministry was in the outskirts of Juarez which is known as the “kilometers”.  That seems to be the address. Folks live at a certain kilometer. This is a very poor area and Pst. Chuy over sees 3 churches here. Pst. Victor was the pastor here.

Ministry was to about 15 adults and as many children. I was really impressed at the service as almost every child either shared a song or a testimony of God’s love to them. I geared my mini workshop towards the children because of their boldness. I shared about David and Goliath and the Kingly office with the purpose of teaching the children to minister healing to the sick to prove the Gospel.


We witnessed 3 backs healed, a lady with a hernia, a lady that was deaf and could not speak and had back pain, as well as a little girl with tonsillitis. [photos here]

I only ministered to the first 3 backs and the children did the rest!! The lady with the hernia was taken to a room for privacy with another lady. []The report from the lady that ministered to the lady was “ I could feel the lump go back inside and the skin close around it.[] Most dramatic was the woman that could not hear or speak, ministered to by the children. The cutest was the little girl with tonsillitis. I had Juaqim minister to her. He is about 8 years old now. [] 3 years ago Juaqim was healed of his tonsillitis as I ministered to him. He was the one that wanted to go for ice cream right after he was healed. This night I asked him if he would minister to the little girl. He laid hands on her and commanded healing. Immediately she was pain free!

Above: This woman could not speak or hear

Woman responds as her hearing is restored

Below – 3 years ago Juaqim was healed of his tonsillitis as I ministered to him. He was the one that wanted to go for ice cream right after he was healed. This night I asked him if he would minister to the little girl. He laid hands on her and commanded healing. Immediately she was pain free!


Last year there were 5 men killed in the area of the kilometers when I was there. The only positive solution for change is to see the gospel shared with power by those that live in this area.

The second night of ministry was in the city of Juarez. About 40 folks attended. The worship was great Latino worship. Due to the speaker, who was also being the photographer, there were no photos taken. This seems to be true about most of my adventures. I need a photographer!

Many folks were healed as a result of the mini workshop. The 1st lady was the pastor’s wife who suffered from chronic back pain. She was healed and then joined in to minister to others as they came forward. The most dramatic was 2 ladies suffering from ear challenges. One was deaf in one ear and another had suffered for many years with ear pain. Both were healed. The lady with the ear pain shared that she believed God had spoke to her in the morning that today she would be healed. At the meeting it happened for her! [I don’t think she knew that I was coming to her church that evening] Then there was a crowd of folks ministering to each other! All but 1 testified that they were healed. When every one had settled, a little boy sat patiently on the front row. His older brother had brought him to the front. He had tonsillitis. I asked his brother if he would like to lay hands on his brother. He said “I sure would!” Seconds later the little boy was pain free!


On the 15th of March, by car, we left Juarez at 4:30am for San Luis Potosi. Usually a 15 hour trip. It seems to take a little longer when you get lost. We arrived at our destination about 11:30pm![]

About 7 hours into our adventure we stopped at a roadside restaurant for breakfast in the little town of Humanis. [See photo below.] The food was home cooked and wonderful. Little did |I know but my host pastors were sharing the Gospel with the 2 cooks. They asked me if I would like to say something to them about the Lord. I simple said that to prove what had been shared we would like to heal any physical ailments that they had. Both ladies were filled with pain and were unable to move very well. The photos show the results. The first woman had had painful legs, and the second had had  painful back and legs.




This gentleman below is 73 years old, suffering from diabetes and pain in his back and legs. He was overwhelmed by the situation and began to cry as the pain left his body!



We arrived in San Luis Potosi at 11:30pm the Saturday night. The first teaching and crusade night was on Monday.

During the day of Monday we all pitched in to clean up the grounds where the crusade would be. All through the day was preparation and in the evening an overhead shelter was set up with sound system and chairs for 40 people. The church was amazing to do all the set up in about 30 minutes.


Small group of church members this night and I was a little worried but a voice said “You will be amazed”. After sharing from Mark 2, three ladies came forward for healing to prove the gospel. I invited anyone that needed healing to come forward. I asked the students taking The Elijah Challenge course to come and minister to those that were in need of ministry.  This is when things get out of control and all I could do was watch as the extremely excited students “attacked” the infirm. It seemed like everything was out of control! When all was said and done 6 folks were healed and 5 had made commitments to the Lord and everything was cleaned up and put away! 



On the 2nd night we had all those who were healed testify:

Above: Lady who had been stooped over from years of back pain


Above: Teenage girl had had chronic ankle pain


Below: Lady with migraine headaches and oppression, and another with a lump in her stomach that disappeared.



The highlight of this evening was nine folks made commitments to the Lord! One lady was just walking on the sidewalk with her children and groceries. She had heard enough of the message that she quickly sat her kids on chairs, put her groceries down and joined in the line to become a follower of Jesus. All she wanted was her life to change and Jesus could do that!

On the 3rd night the highlight was three more folks accepted Jesus Christ. The best story of the evening was the testimony of a lady that was healed of her stooped back and came this night for her very sore throat. She testified that she had no money for a bus, no money for a doctor and no money for pills. Jesus is the best doctor!! She danced before us all! 

The next night was only the church and very small group. Two people were healed.

he last night was graduation of the “Elijah Challenge” course as I had the church handle the whole evening. There were five other churches in attendance. About 80 people this night.

During the preaching I walked along the road taking pictures. I was approached by 2 separate families to minister to their children as they had to leave early. Both a little girl and boy with flu symptoms were pain free immediately. No commitments this night as I think we had exhausted our “fishing hole” in this community, but 7 were healed. I encouraged the church to go door to door and invite folks to come to their next outreach.

Below: two children were healed on the road, including the little girl pictured below.)

At the altar: three ladies healed, two were very sick with the flu another had back pain for years. An alcoholic man that had been on the streets for seven years  made a commitment the previous evening and had come back the last night to share his testimony.

Total for time in San Luis Potosi: 17 born again and 21 healed!

My missionary friend from Santa Fe, Juaqim, was very aggressive during the preparation time for each meeting. Everyday he was on the street sharing the Gospel with everyone that was walking by. He led many to the Lord and encouraged them to come back to the church for the Sunday meeting.

We left right after the meeting for Juarez to make sure I did not miss my flight back to Canada.  Left San Luis Potosi at 9:30pm and arrived in El Paso, USA about 5:30pm the next day.

Approximately 20 commitments to the Lord and some 30 people healed on this trip.


The Lord glorifies Himself in an unexpected way at the Airport in Vancouver

I left El Paso at 6:30 am to arrive in Vancouver Canada at 1:30 pm. When I checked my bags in for my flight to Williams Lake I could here the loud cries of a boy that was about 10 years old. His mom and a airport attendant were bringing him down the escalator as he had his hand crushed by an elevator door. The airport attendant was insisting that the mom take him to a doctor as soon as possible.

I was thinking that this would be a good opportunity to minister healing and I waited for the family to settle. I approached the dad and introduced myself then asked if I might pray for his son’s hand.  Dad was all for this! The hand was in rough shape as the first 2 knuckles were swollen and the skin had split from the pressure of the elevator door. The boy was still crying as I gently cradled his hand in mine. After 2 attempts and much frustration on my part, there was no relief. I excused myself and walked through the airport totally embarrassed.

A few moments later I found myself talking to the boys’ mom as we both were looking at the elevator and how her son could have had his hand squished. She asked about me and I told her that I was an evangelist and I had just come back from Mexico. She said her husband was the spiritual guy and she really did not know what to believe. I said that I could agree to her confusion and if Jesus were not alive then Christianity and the Gospel was a lie. I shared the Gospel with her and then said that we proved the Gospel by healing the sick. Now I really felt like a real “goof” as there was no evidence of healing with her sons hand.  I shared some of my adventures with her as she told me she was a reporter. I gave her my business card and said she could contact me if she was interested in my adventures from the Elijah Challenge site.  I really felt like I was representing a lie as thoughts of the boy not being healed played out in my mind. As we parted, I watched to see if she would throw my card away. I went to check in at security still feeling rather low to say the least.

After waiting some time in the line up, the boy and his family came through the security doors. The dad came right up to me, called me by name and said his hand was as good as new! Mom had not thrown the card away; she heard the Gospel and the boy’s hand was healed!  AND I felt great!

I am not sure what to think of this but the results were great!