Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

Orissa, India In the first week of October 2014 we had a one-day meeting in a place called Khariar in the district of Nuapada. There were around one hundred and twenty people, both Hindus and Christians, who attended the programme.    

  There were many people healed from several diseases such as back pain, eye infection, high blood pressure, fever, asthma, and so forth. But one of the healing testimonies and one involving deliverance were very significant. A Hindu man named Patel had been paralyzed for many years. He was treated with several medications and had spent much money, but he never felt any change in his condition. Just a few days before our meeting he came to know about Jesus and his healing miracles. He had an expectation to receive healing from Jesus. He came to the meeting with the help of a family member since he did not have the strength even to walk. Everybody knew him and had seen him before. After the preaching we ministered to him. Wonderfully he was touched by the Lord and received strength in his legs. He got up and started to walk. Praise the Lord!  

A Hindu woman had been possessed by a demon for many years. She was not able to stay still but would wander here and there. The people were not able to control her. She would scream and shout if anyone tried to restrain her. Her husband had taken her to many sorcerers (witchdoctors) but she was not set free. The family had lost all hope of her being healed from the demonic affliction. But when they heard about our programme they decided to give it a try. Praise the Lord she was miraculously delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ.