The Elijah Challenge was hosted by Rev. Amit Malik and the New Creation Task for India in Delhi which oversees 510 house churches and over 200 leaders in North India, including Punjab. At this event we trained some of their important leaders. Below is the  New Creation location in Delhi where The Elijah Challenge Training was held for the leaders.


The woman in the middle of the photo above had had a tumor in her stomach for six years, and was ministered to during a training session by believers. Afterwards she was examined by her doctor who could no longer find the tumor in her stomach.

This woman trained at the Event in Delhi later cast out a demon from her mother at a distance over her mobile phone

Following the Training, the Jesus film was shown outside in a public alleyway on a Friday evening. In the film Jesus is shown performing miraculous healings as evidence that He is the promised Messiah, and of course going to the cross to bear our sins and then rising from the dead on the third day.





After the film that evening, those with infirmities received ministry by the trained servants of God in the name of Jesus Christ. The ensuing miracles would be the evidence to those present that our Father in heaven is the only true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him.


Account of the miracles that took place that Friday night after the Jesus movie…



Our newly-trained pastor from Punjab, Ram Narayan, ministered healing to a boy who had been disabled for 2 years and unable to understand his parents. The mother testified that his son was healed.


The man at left was healed from a stomach problem


The young man’s hearing was restored


Sister Krishna testified that her poor eyesight was restored by 95%



Above & below: those who were healed came to church the following Sunday




Above & below: people suffering in their bodies experienced their pains leave in Jesus’ name


A man who came to see the movie had been suffering from mental problems and depression. He felt peace as he watched the Jesus movie and afterwards wanted to give his life to Christ. He came up for prayer to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

 A young girl of about 5 years of age was deaf and mute. During the time of ministry her hearing and speech were miraculously restored, and she could repeat after us in perfect English the words “Hallelujah” and “Jesus loves me.” Her mother was a Hindu.
A pastor who had been present during The Elijah Challenge Training had a cyst/tumor on his neck, and was ministered to in Jesus’ name. The cyst/tumor on his neck drastically shrank within moments. 
A man who prepared our food for the Training Event had metal plates in his jaw and felt chronic pain. He felt the pain leave in Jesus’ name.
A Hindu woman was healed from lower belly pain.
We ministered to many who had fevers, and to others who needed strength and help for their studies.

The Aftermath…

Amit was invited to preach at a crusade where the gospel was preached, the sick were healed and people were set free from the power of the devil with the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus.





Then in the evening Amit and his trained pastors showed the Jesus film. After the film the Lord Jesus once again confirmed the gospel with miraculous healings, and approximately 200 people accepted Jesus.



Then on the second day of the Crusade, unbelievers with infirmities were healed in Jesus’ name as trained believers ministered to them with power and authority.


New Creation ministry to slum children in Delhi