“Last week here in Orissa, India we had a wonderful event with the people of a small, remote village called Saniketana. Most of the inhabitants, tribal and from the Dalit people group, are uneducated and addicted to drinking. It was unbelievable to see even women addicted to wine. We thank God for the opportunity of going to such a people group to make Jesus known to them.



More than 270 people were at our Feeding Event. Some of them had never heard of or known about Jesus. We had invited them to come to be healed of their diseases, and so they came. Praise God, just as in the gospels the Lord Jesus healed them instantly during prayer. Here are just a few of the testimonies.



An elderly man named Raula (below) for years had been unable to move his right hand—just as if his hand was paralyzed. Jesus touched him and his hand was miraculously healed. He came up to the stage and lifting his right hand up in front of the people, he moved it this way and that. He was visibly overjoyed with the healing touch he had received from the Lord. Praise the name of the Lord!




A young named Nirmala (below) was suffering from constant pain in his waist after injuring it in a fall from his bicycle six months earlier. He thought his injury was severe and sought treatment from doctors. He was given medication, but the pain stubbornly persisted. Praise the Lord, Jesus touched him and he was miraculously healed. At our Event he testified he felt the Lord’s healing power like electricity flowing through him (cf. Mark 5:29-30), completely releasing him from the pain.



Nini (below) had pain in her chest from a rib injury she had suffered on the left side of her chest a long time ago. Though she had been prescribed a lot of medications and undergone many tests, she did not get well. She then sought ayurvedic treatment which also failed as well. But she came to our Event with the expectation of being healed. And the Lord healed her instantly. The long years of pain were over.



There were many others who were also healed from various infirmities. They came up to the front to share their testimony briefly from the stage. Praise the Lord over 230 precious souls accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.



Thank you so much for your prayers and support for this wonderful harvest of souls.”



Feeding the villagers afterwards




Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena