January 26, 2018 Report from the Field from First Group of Twelve Disciples


“I am very glad to inform you that our first group of twelve trained disciples are now in a remote unreached tribal area, and they have started reaching out with the gospel.  

Some of them have observed two things: the villagers are very uneducated and very addicted to alcohol.

They shared with me two reports. In one village six families accepted Christ, and in another village four families accepted Christ.

  • In one village there was a family suffering from demon attacks for two years. Sickness and other events took place in their home. Occasionally, sand would fall from the roof [ceiling].  Sometimes blood would drip down from the roof. Family members would often have bad dreams.  They had paid much money to a local sorcerer. They had sacrificed a goat, a chicken and even a buffalo, but the demon attacks continued. Then when our two Elijah Challenge disciples visited the family, they were informed of the attacks.  In the name of our Lord Jesus the two disciples ministered to each of the family members. The demonic attacks ceased. The sicknesses and fear left completely. That family and five related families all accepted Christ.
  • In a second village the two disciples came upon a family with a middle-age woman suffering from skin disease in her entire body. She had had this horrible condition for a long time.  No medication was able to help her in her extreme suffering. Our disciple ministered to her over a few days after which her skin began to dry up.  Within about ten to twelve days she was healed of the condition. In that village four families accepted Christ.”

“The name of the villages in the District of Ganjam are Masanibada, Raghubakau, Baniabasa, Jaliar, Dhanabada, Titirisinghi, Ankuli,Aliar, Khalasahi, Chariabada, Raichokal, Mahuribada, Gurusahi, Phula Sahi, Luhasinghi, Tasaranga, Taramunda, Kumbharsahi, Maishikhata, Haladibada, Danturi Musha, B gaeda, Gadanga, A gaida and Gurusingh.”