By Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih

First Feeding Event

We conducted our first January Feeding Event in an unreached area of Uttar Pradesh. About 200 people attended the event and heard the gospel. Approximately 160 or more gave their hearts to the Lord. To our amazement all 200 who came were suffering from some kind of sickness or demonization. Brother Simon Haqq along with Elijah Challenge-trained workers ministered to the sick. The key miracle was a boy who was not able to eat. He had been to many medical doctors and witch doctors but they said there was no cure for the boy. When we heard that, we were all the more eager to see him well. Moreover, everybody in the village knew about him. After we ministered to him we saw an instant change in him. He said that he was feeling hungry. After eating some food he felt strength coming into his body. The latest news from the village is that he is perfectly fine. The whole village wants us back. Pastor Narender told me that every day 10 to 15 people come to him wanting to know more about Jesus,

Second Feeding Event

Our second January Feeding Event was in one of the villages in Haridwar. The inhabitants there are hard core non-believers and don’t want to see either a Christian or a Muslim in their village. I cannot explain the feeling we had as we entered the village. People did not speak to one another and everyone was in intense prayer. The villagers had the meeting in the evening when they came back from work. Between 300 to 350 people were at the Feeding Event. There were only 5 believers and the rest were all non-believers. Almost everyone stood up for the salvation prayer. It was a great joy to see non-believers confessing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

During the meeting there was a man who was videotaping the entire event. We thought he was one of our group, but to our surprise he belonged to a group called Radhey Swami which is a very popular cult growing in India and the US. By God’s grace there was a mighty manifestation of God’s power as unclean spirits were coming out of people. People were testifying of their healing. After seeing all this the man himself believed and decided to show our videotaped meeting to his cult group.

The good news is that he had over 700 people in his meeting, and all of them prayed the sinners’ prayer. They were saying that nothing like this [what they saw in the video] takes place in our swami’s meeting. Our pastor Mange Singh has given them New Testaments to read. We believe all 700 people will come to our fellowship.

[Photos to be added soon]