Indonesia: Jakarta & Bandung, May 28-31, 2002

We were given opportunities to introduce The Elijah Challenge material four times in these two cities, the largest and third-largest in Indonesia, respectively. In Bandung, believers thronged to our workshops held at the Prayer Conference, even though we had not been scheduled to speak before our arrival. After studying from the gospels the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, believers were instructed to minister to the infirm as Jesus did. Various miracles were reported, a few among them: As I ministered to one sister at the front, another sister at the back laid hands on herself in the name of Jesus. The pain she had been suffering from in her lower body vanished. A man who was deaf in one ear because of a torn eardrum came forward. A believer inserted his finger into the man’s ear and commanded it to be opened, as Jesus did in the gospels. Afterwards the man testified that his hearing in the deaf ear was 75% restored. A young woman with a constant headache because of a recent blow to her head was visibly amazed, causing the people to chuckle, when the pain instantly vanished through the laying of hands in Jesus’ name.

At a GAP (formerly Maranatha) Church in Jakarta, a woman in constant arthritic pain in much of her body was brought to the Healing Encounter. Her younger sister laid hands on her after being instructed through the Scriptures. When I inquired how she felt, her face broke down and she began to weep in front of the people. Her pain had disappeared, and she was overcome by the love of the Lord. Other miracles were reported. As I left the building for another meeting, a young man named Isar stopped me to ask for healing. He felt pain in his left ear whenever it was touched. I touched his ear and rebuked the pain in Jesus’ name. His ear was healed. The young man later wrote telling me he wanted to “be like me doing miracles.” (He will if he wants to do them for the sake of the gospel of Christ.) In the Gracia Fellowship elsewhere in Jakarta, a middle-aged man who was hard of hearing came forward. A unknown believer put his fingers into the man’s ears, just as Jesus did as recorded in Mark 7:32-35. The man’s hearing was restored, provoking applause and amazement from the people. A woman, also hard of hearing, was ministered to. When we tested her hearing afterwards, she could even hear and understand words from a distance that I myself could barely make out. The Lord performed other miracles as well through His beloved people at that meeting.