J. J. Colony is near New Delhi

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India

Pastor Simon Haqq, our co-laborer in New Delhi, wrote:

“We just had another very successful Feeding Event at J. J. Colony near Badarpur. We had a mixed group of people (both Hindus and Musl__ms) from North India who came to work in New Delhi. We gathered close to 370 people for the event and 223 raised their hands to make a first time commitment to the Lord.”

Pastor Joshua Gowda, Director of The Elijah Challenge Training Centre in New Delhi, wrote:

“Praise God that we successfully trained 100 believers, after the Training we invited trained leaders to come and help us to heal the sick at the Feeding Event that would be like exposure for their ministry. At J.J. Colony close to 370 people gathered for the event and 223 raised their hands to make a first time commitment to the Lord. At J.J. Colony there was an immediate need to start a church. Pastor Narender Kumar has been appointed to take care of the new believers in the first church planted in this entire slum.”

Below is a photo essay of the Feeding Event in J. J. Colony

Above & below: Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel

Elijah Challenge-trained Brother Devender praying over the sick

Shivender asked our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Narender to minister to him for the healing of his eyesight which had been severely clouded by cataracts. Afterwards he testified that he could see clearly.

When she came to the meeting the right side of her head was painful because her father had slapped her very hard. The pain disappeared immediately through the laying on of hands by an Elijah Challenge-trained servant of God. At right is Simon Haqq.

When Blhavir heard the testimonies of others, he came to the front and testified he totally believes in Jesus Christ. He asked for prayer for his mother who was ill at home. Pastor Narender is at right.

First-time commitment of Hindus & Musl__ms to Jesus Christ

They received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

Afterwards, the meal which had drawn the people to the meeting is served