“Dominic had received various knife wounds to the neck and shoulder areas and the doctors were not able to fully reconstruct the damage to his vocal cords and muscles.  He had continuous pain in his shoulder area and came to receive ministering.  My wife and I laid hand on him and in the pain areas and after the first ministering his voice was normal and was healed.  We continued to minster healing over pain and the pain went away.  I asked Dominic if he knew of Jesus or had a relationship with Him.  He did not know what I was talking about so I told him to repeat after me.  We went through the sinner’s prayer and he accepted Jesus Christ after experience healing not only from the knife wounds but he experienced healing that took place inside.  We hugged and he began to weep and release things from inside as the Holy Spirit worked on him.  We mailed Dominic a beautiful Bible and other devotionals to help him in his personal time with the Lord.  It was the most beautiful salvation I had ever witnessed.”

 The Colonel  (Ret.) spent 30 years with the US Army Special Forces

 The Colonel’s wife added: “While praying over Dominic I felt intense heat on my hand as I laid it over his chest. I asked him “Do you feel that?” He responded yes. Tears began to flow because he said he had never felt anything like this. He couldn’t explain it with words. He said he felt something happening in his heart and felt joy. To me, it was such a beautiful experience to be there to pray for this man. God did something in Him. We sent him a Bible and some literature last week.”

Claudia Duncan

More testimonies from our April 2015 Chicago Training Event

  Friday, April 24 with the dog groomer at our home in Tennessee:  “The dog groomer came to take Winchester to groom him.  Even though she had a beautiful smile I could discern unhappiness and pain over her.  I felt lead to isolate myself and spend time in prayer for her and I prayed over her and for direction on how to minister to her.  When Winchester’s grooming was finished she returned.  I respectfully asked her if I could ask her some personal questions.  She agreed, so the door was open for the Holy Spirit to begin.  I told her how she had a beautiful smile but I could see her pain of and inner hurting and grief.  She began to weep and she began to share how her marriage was in shambles and was on its final leg.  So, I asked if I could pray for her situation and after praying I lead her in repentance and forgiveness prayers for all that hurt her.  She continued to weep as she began to heal from a sinful life.  We began to pray together where I led her in speaking forgiveness over all that was hurting her.  After she spoke forgiveness and prayed for forgiveness the grief left her and she was changed.   I noticed that her arm was tightly bandaged so I asked her what had happened.  She had been attacked by a dog that she was grooming and was in extreme pain.  She was not supposed to be working but she needed the money so she chose to work in much pain.  She said that it was still bleeding and had just changed her bandages prior to returning Winchester.  I laid my hand over the bandages of her wrist and ministered healing and the pain immediately left and the bleeding stopped.  She was in shock and awe at what had happened by Jesus the healer.  The Holy Spirit led me to ask her about her bleached hair.  She said her hair was that way for her other job.  I asked where she worked and she replied she worked for Harley Davidson.  I asked if they were taking provocative pictures of her and she said that she felt terrible about the pictures and would be ashamed if her children saw the pictures.  I told her the Jesus who just healed you can provide another job.  We prayed for Jesus to find her another job.  I told her to quit her other job today.  She later called my wife and told her she was quitting her other job.”