THIS is a must-read book for any skeptic of the Bible. 

While some claim the Bible is the most important book on Earth, since its author is God, our Creator, others believe the Bible is at best fiction, and at worse an evil document that deceives people. The Voice of the Martyrs organization sites 52 countries where the Bible is illegal or highly restricted as of 2020. If you have any doubt that the entire Bible is from God, then this book is for you.

Irrefutable Evidence is a must-read book for any skeptic of the Bible. Whether you have no belief in God or religious views outside of the Bible, this book proves the Bible is absolutely divinely inspired. You will discover in this book:

  • Hidden in the Hebrew and Greek words and sentences of the Old and New Testaments is a mathematical phenomena that is undeniably designed and not coincidental.
  • The numbers associated with the main verses concerning creation have a direct link to numbers derived from the 20 common amino acids in the DNA of all living things.
  • The Bible is filled with prophecies that have been fulfilled, including Israel becoming a nation again after over 2000 years.
  • Miracles do exist today with documented proof of modern-day miraculous healings similar to miracles documented in the Bible.

No prior knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, Chemistry or Math beyond addition is necessary to understand the facts presented in this book. The Bible is our most direct link to the One who created the earth, the universe, and each of us. It is crucial the world understands that the Bible is from our Creator God.

Author Donna Caster has been a student of the Bible for nearly 45 years.  She worked in the oil industry for 30 years as a Geophysicist, retired from Schlumberger, and is now devoting her efforts to research concerning mathematical and scientific proof that the Bible is divinely inspired. 

As an award-winning communicator, she presents her findings in a simple and understandable way.  Irrefutable Evidence is her debut book.  Donna and her husband, Ted, have five children.  They live in Cypress, Texas.


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