The Elijah Challenge in North America

Over the past four Friday evenings we also taught our Seminar on Public Power Encounters with Pastor John Thomas of the International Bible Church. These Power Encounters are for the express purpose of demonstrating the power of the name of Jesus to unbelievers so they can believe in Him. After each session, believers came forward to minister healing to those with pain in their bodies. The Lord did numerous miraculous healings through them. Among them…

Sister Amina had moved from Pakistan to the United States with her husband Shakeel. She suffered much pain from her flat feet. After doing housework on her feet she would be in such discomfort that she would have to lie down for hours to recover. She came forward during one of the Friday sessions to receive healing prayer. I looked around for someone to minister to her. There was a 17-year-old girl named Bubby seated near the front, and I thought it would be very encouraging for the people to see even a teenager minister healing in the name of Jesus with power. I asked Bubby to join us at the front. I had Sister Amina sit down on a chair, while Bubby kneeled and held Amina’s feet in her hands. Following my instructions, Bubby commanded any spirit of infirmity to go and Amina’s feet to be healed in Jesus’ name.

Amina stood up and walked around. With a smile, she said there was no more pain and her feet felt good. Pastor Thomas, who has worked in the medical field, looked at the soles of her feet and noticed an arch where there was none before. The following weekend, Amina shared with me that she had experienced no more pain throughout the week…she had been healed in the name of Jesus through a teenage girl!

Sister Dolores, who attends Lakewood Church in Houston, joined us for the last session of our Seminar with Pastor John accompanied by a friend, another sister from Lakewood Church. For years she had suffered from severe allergies—especially with her sinuses—which caused great discomfort. When I asked who needed healing prayer, Dolores came forward. I asked her friend to come up to minister to her.

“I’ve been prayed for literally a thousand times for this problem but I’m still not healed,” Dolores told me. “I can feel my sinuses acting up right now.” Lakewood Church, where she worships, has a strong ministry to the sick. I instructed her friend to lay her hands on her sinuses, and with authority to command the spirit of allergy to go and for the discomfort to cease in Jesus’ name.

“How do you feel now, Dolores?” I asked her. With a look of surprise mixed with delight on her face, she said that she could feel heat in her sinuses and that the discomfort had receded! Such heat is usually a physical manifestation of the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Now we’re waiting for the report of her complete and permanent healing from the Lord.