Reports from Albert Kang

Pastor Albert Kang attended the Kuala Lumpur Elijah Challenge Seminar in December 2005. The Lord has used him to plant 16 churches and 3 orphanages in Asia and the USA. His first church in Singapore grew from 23 people to 1,700 within six years. Today, his ministry is based in Malaysia. He serves as a Church Growth Consultant to various churches and also conducts Church Growth Seminars.

December 2005

“Your teachings have been most enlightening and balanced. I have always been skeptical about preachers who have the gift of healing but no gift of teaching. On many occasions when they teach, some of them get the theology so confusingly wrong that it becomes detrimental to the ministry. However, you are different – you are a gifted teacher with a clear message about the believers’ authority to heal. Then you prove your message by your anointed action. Apart from these, you also cut out all the frills and get to the real substance.”

“…[the following Sunday at our morning service] I called for people who desired to be healed of diseases to come forward. About 5 people walked down. I noticed an elderly lady and her daughter came along with them. They were new visitors in our church. The adult daughter was helping her mother describe to the altar workers about the pain in her leg, side and arms. Other altar workers were also attending to the other four – one of them was a young child.

As you have taught me, I took authority over all the diseases by commanding them to go in the name of Jesus. I also asked the workers and congregation to repeat after me loudly. Honestly, I was a little hesitant inside but I put on a brave front and kept up with my exercise of mountain-moving faith. After the whole event, I dared not ask the people to testify. What if they were not healed?

Suddenly the elderly lady was waving her hands furiously and bending her knees. Her adult daughter was clapping and smiling from cheek to cheek. I asked for the healing to be verified and managed to get the lady up onstage to testify. Praise God… in spite of my “hesitant” faith, this lady was visibly and gloriously healed. God is so merciful and knew how new I was with this kind of approach…The people were so excited about this new healing method that some of them asked me to do this every week.”


“It is now 2.32 AM and we had just completed our first training three hours ago at my home. There were 13 of us. We had the LCD projector on and so we went through the first part of your Powerpoint presentation. After the session, some of us went to have supper at a nearby Malay stall. The feedback from these brothers and sisters was very positive. They were very thrilled by the newfound authority over diseases and demons. This coming Sunday, we will have a little practice in our Chinese service. We are trusting God to use us mightily in touching lives for Jesus.”


“Last Sunday, we prayed for a sister from China who had consistent ringing sound in her ears. One of the sisters took the lead in commanding this ringing to go away. Well, it obviously went away. I counter checked with the sister twice… just to be sure. She was sure that the ringing sound was completely gone.

Last night, right after the Christmas caroling, one of the sisters was praying for Sister Kim, the middle-aged cancer patient whom you met during the crusade and described in your website report. Sister Kim was complaining about pain in her chest area. The believers took authority over this pain and it was immediately gone. Praise the Lord. 

Today, I received an SMS from Sis Kim testifying: “May God guide and bless the healing ministry of High Praise Church to be a success and eventually prosper and expand High Praise Church” and she concluded with these words: ‘I am healed by His stripes. Much pains are gone. Hallelujah.’

For two Sundays, just before preaching, my nose started to drip. I believe you know how irritating that can be while sermonizing. We exercised our mountain-moving faith and commanded the nose to stop dripping. Twice we did that and twice the nose stopped instantly. It was so amazing! Hallelujah.

We are so thrilled by this newfound authority and we are using it with more faith than before. Thank you so much for teaching and showing us this ‘hidden’ power of Christ.”


“Our Chinese Service’s pastor, Rev Edward Chiu’s mother-in-law was in coma after taking the wrong medicine for her tuberculosis. She was in that situation for 4 days and she was about 260 kilometers away from us in Kuala Lumpur. On December 18, Pastor Chiu and I took authority over the coma by using the healing-at-a-distance approach. We commanded the mother-in-law’s body to respond to the healing touch of Jesus and also for her to be revived from her coma. We did that at around 3.30 PM and by 5 PM, the unsaved sister-in-law discovered that the mother had awaken. As of the time of this email, she is well and back to normal. Praise the Lord. Now we know that healing-at-a-distance works also with us.

Yesterday, during the altar time of our Christmas service, there was a Musl__m lady who was healed of migraine headache. We thank God that her headache was gone immediately. Later the friend who brought her told me that she was a Musl__m who had recently been saved.

Our team was praying for Sister Kim again because the latter had some serious pain in the chest area and her hips. After the first command, the pain in the chest was immediately gone and it was only on the second command that the pain in the hip left. Sister Kim then stood up from her wheelchair, waved her hands vigorously and started praising God loudly. The whole church exploded into a loud applause. …She was beaming widely during the fellowship time.

Once again, we thank our God for sending you and Sister Lucille our way. We should have met you both earlier. Imagine how many years we have wasted on doing ‘powerless’ ministries.”


January 2006

“We just came back from a morning of exciting ministry at the Sheraton Subang Hotel. Today, we had 100% healing rate. Five people came up front to be prayed for and all were healed. One lady who visited our church occasionally was healed instantly of the pain on her right shoulder. Another elderly lady was healed of her lower back pain. Two brothers and one sister were healed of the pain in their knees.

Brother Seah, who is 86 years old, had arthritis pain in his left knee. I did not lay hand but the rest of the team, led by one of the trained sisters, did and he was instantly healed and testified. Strangely after his pain was gone, Brother Lawrence, who was praying for him, suddenly felt that his knee was hurting badly. He did not say anything and thought that it would go away. But the pain persisted. When I called for more people to respond to the healing ministry, he came up by faith and was instantly healed.

Even though I have been a church minister since 1982, I am now ready to get back to child-like faith. I am regaining my sense of wonder and awe again as I become regularly amazed by all the things that God has done and is still doing.

….Please be encouraged that by doing what you are doing now, you two are in the middle of God’s will. So many of us are being blessed and this blessing does not just occur during the seminar or healing rally. It is a continuous kind of blessing. 

We know that as you share about the Elijah’s spirit, it will affect many pastors and church leaders… and most importantly, it will affect the thousands upon thousands of nameless, faceless lay people. Imagine what the End-time churches can do when all their members are released into the world with such power and anointing to heal and cast out demons. The devil and his demons will have no place to remain here on earth so much so that they would rather remain in hell. Ah, that should usher the Second Coming of the Lord.”


May 2007

Healed At A Funeral

“Lawrence and Mei Eng brought their mother to attend the funeral service of a dear brother named Evangelist Cheah. When they were about to leave, Grace and I noticed that the mother was limping badly. She was doubled over and leaning on the arms of Mei Eng. Grace and I were concerned and the mother told us that she had injured her back that morning. Mei Eng said that as the injury seemed serious, she would bring her mother to a Chinese physician for treatment. We offered to pray but the mother did not want to obligate us. She said that she should be fine once after the Chinese physician’s treatment. However, we insisted and without listening to her protest, we invited Lawrence, Mei Eng and Mei Eng’s husband, Kelvin to join us in prayer. As trained by Elijah Challenge, we laid hands and took authority over the pain and injury, commanding them to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. We commanded the back to be healed instantly. After we said, “Amen”, we asked the mother how she felt.

Through her beaming smile, she said that she felt much better. We asked her to try walking and when she took her first step, she went into an obvious limp. However, we felt the power of God was intense to heal and so we took authority again. After prayer, everybody was looking at her with great expectancy. This time, she proclaimed that she felt much better. As she walked, there was only still a slight limp. The family was happy as they saw the definite improvement. However, to us, that was not acceptable because God’s anointing was powerful at that moment. Our faith in God’s ability to heal the mother was unshakeable. For the third time, we commanded the injury to be healed and the pain to go completely. Then the miracle happened!

We asked her to walk and feel whether her back pain was still there. As she walked down the gentle slope, she said that the pain was completely gone. To confirm, we repeated the question and she confirmed that the pain was totally gone. We could see that she was walking normal. The pain was gone completely and the mother was walking without bending or limping. Lawrence kept asking her to confirm and she said that the pain was totally gone. Mei Eng and Kelvin were elated, smiling widely and showed a thumb-up sign and said, “Thank you, Jesus!” The mother, along with the family, then strolled down the sloped road to their car – not a trace of limp in her steps.

This is just one of the testimonies what Elijah Challenge has done for us and our ministry. Thank you very much! We can now reveal and use the power of Jesus any where, any time and any place (even at the entrance of a funeral).”


Woman Healed of Weak Legs June 4, 2007

“Yesterday (03 June 2007), Pastor Chui, Sharon, Hui Lan, my wife, Grace and I visited a homebound woman who lived with her family in Puchong. When we arrived at the ground-floor apartment, we noticed that the living room was filled with all kinds of Chinese idols that sat on lighted red altars. A most pathetic looking middle-aged woman sat slumped in a plastic deckchair. Her husband explained that she had lost strength since she returned from the hospital. She had remained in this weakened state for more than two months. The woman added that she was admitted to the hospital because after she went to worship her ancestors during Ching Ming, she was afflicted with incessant vomiting. The doctors tested her blood three times a day for twenty days. When her arms had no more place to draw the blood samples, they took them from her legs. However, they still could find anything seriously wrong except that there were bacteria in her blood and that she was also suffering from diabetes. After discharging from the hospital, she felt so weak that she was confined to the plastic deckchair. When she got bored with sitting, she would retire to her bed. Her husband took her to a Chinese physician who scrapped her skin to let out the “bad wind” but that did not work either. He was exasperated at best. Apart from having to look after her, he had to look after their 32-year-old mentally and physically retarded son. We could see that he was at his wit’s end.

The couple was very receptive to our suggestion for prayers. However, the woman just did not want to promise us that she would come to church. We told her that we were not trying to get her to church but to know the one true God. We then took authority over her infirmities in the name of Jesus our Lord. We especially prayed for her legs to be strengthened. This woman’s legs were so weak that she needed her husband’s support before she could even rise up.

The first time, after we had taken authority, we helped her up and asked her to walk in Jesus’ name. She was able to walk in small steps with some helps. The second time, she was walking better and around the living room. On the third round of commands, she was literally walking in big steps and often without help. We refused to hold her even though she was afraid that her legs would give way. Her legs did not fail her and she walked many rounds around the living room.

Praise God that the healing was very evident. When we double-checked with her husband, he said that she could never walk like the way she did after prayers. All the exercise had caused the woman to perspire and we felt that it was a good sign. It was as though her body was undergoing a detoxification and we told her that. Subsequently, we prayed for her diabetes and all other afflictions.

We also laid hands and took authority of healing over their mentally and physically retarded son. Normally, this man would struggle and make all kinds of unintelligible noise. However, during the time of prayers, he was as meek as a lamb. We commanded the nerves, fibres, cells and bones to be healed. We commanded the muscles to relax and to release him from their grips. We saw the relaxation of the muscles. As this was a humongous mountain to move, we decided to come back another time to continue our prayers. Since Pastor Chui knew the husband well, he would be doing the follow-up on the family. We left the depressing apartment with God’s sunshine in our hearts.

When Grace and I reached home, I felt numbness in my left arm. It had been coming on and off since last week. This time it was becoming serious. My left arm did not only feel numb but heavy like lead. After Grace took authority over stroke and heart-attack, the numbness left. The arm was restored and we immediately knew that this was a spiritual attack. Grace then measured my blood pressure. The first reading was a high 156/96mm Hg. The normal pressure should be 140/85mm Hg. Grace took authority over the high blood pressure and it dropped immediately to 150/78mm Hg. The third reading was even more amazing, the blood pressure actually dropped to 131/80mm Hg. All these happened within one minute after prayer. We praise God for His healing power.”