Sue Ratterree of Katy, Texas trained with The Elijah Challenge 

March 2014

“I wanted to share with you some of the miracles during our Kingdom Vision outing this morning (Saturday, 3/8/2014).

Many came to be a part of the Katy group today – maybe around 14 or 15 to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through prayer and through ministering miraculous healing in Jesus’ name.

One man, Jay, testified that his ankles were healed.  He had fused ankles for 6 years and the pain and the stiffness were so much to bear.  A few of disciples commanded healing over them and he was walking and bending and stretching his ankles – giving praise of our Lord for his healing!  He also had congestion and was unable to breathe freely. After sisters and brothers commanded healing over him, he could actually breathe and felt it all leave his body, he testified.  His knees had pain also and after commanding it leave with authority in Jesus’ name, the pain was gone.

Another lady, Carolyn, a sister in Christ Jesus, had neck and shoulder pain.  She also mentioned trouble within her family and asked us to pray over her.  After three times, she felt the pain leave her body. She felt a peace come in and she was filled with Joy!

Many others prayed over in the same way while I was there, but I did not get to hear about all of them.  May the Lord bless each one who was healed.  Many blessings were upon us as we were obedient in commanding healing in the Name of Jesus.

The Best Miracle:

Another young man named Brandon has been around a few times before.  When we first met him, he was very angry and sad. His parents had kicked him out of the house and so he lived on the streets.  If you tried to talk to him, he was quiet and reserved and cautious.  He would even say he had demons in him.  But after a few weeks, he was attending a church and Christ became His Savior and he was baptized.  His whole body language is different now.  Brandon is filled with much peace and contentment and knows that the Lord has him in His hands.  He says he wants to be a pastor and help other people.  He attends a home group bible study.  Although he still lives on the street, he knows that he will be off one day soon.  Praise the Lord for His Holy Spirit in changing Brandon to a man of God.”