Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 22, 2009

Reports from Albert Kang

A middle-aged Indonesian lady of the Majority faith was working at the coffee shop that my wife and I used to have our meals. She was a very friendly lady. That day, this lady was complaining about extreme pain on her left ankle and heel. She said that in her job, she had to stand for a long time, making beverages etc. And thus it aggravated her weakened foot and caused great pain.

My wife asked her whether she wanted to be healed of this infirmity. We told her that we are followers of Isa Almasih. She said that she had no problem with that. As long as she received the healing. So, we used our God-given authority to heal her.

We did not pray because God has already instructed us through His Word to heal the sick and not to pray for the sick. There is a difference. When we heal the sick we have to utilize our faith to believe that the miracle will happen. In every instance in the New Testament, we were instructed to heal and not pray for the sick.

My wife and I obeyed God’s word and so commanded the pain and infirmity to leave this woman. Immediately, she was healed. She jumped up and down. She stamped her previously painful foot hard on the floor and screamed in delight that she felt no pain at all.

This was exciting because this was our first healing of a lady from the Majority faith. The healed lady then testified to everybody around that she was completely healed. She reminded us of the Samaritan woman in the Bible. Then she rushed to the kitchen and brought her lady boss out to meet us. The lady boss had arthritis but since she had taken pain-killer, we told her that we would come back and heal her later.

Another lady, who is a Christian, whom we had healed earlier of arthritic pain in her arms, offered to bring this Majority lady to church. There was an excitement in the coffee shop because people were being healed in the name of Jesus.

Reported by
Reverend Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia