“I had a brief call from Pastor Rajeev this morning.  He let me know that he is training The Elijah Challenge thoughout Hyderabad.  Pastor Rajeev was my interpreter during The Elijah Challenge Training I recently conducted for him in Kottayam, India in the state of Kerala (see below for the report on this Training).  His missions-oriented ministry is seeing many healings and converting many Muslims and Hindus because of the Training.  Because he was my interpreter, he really got the Training.  He said that he has many churches who want the Training as well.  I give God the glory for that we made a disciple who knows how to effectively use The Elijah Challenge Training not only for his own ministry but to train other people who have a heart for the lost.


Pastor Rajeev & family

He says he sees many miracles. He give God the glory but he also gives The Elijah Challenge the credit for properly training him after completing six years of Bible College.”

-The Special Forces Colonel
Seedtime Harvest Ministries
July 2016


December 28-29, 2015: The Elijah Challenge Training in Kottayam, India at the Jesus for Gentiles Church

We trained approximately 60 pastors, laymen and laywomen in The Elijah Challenge.

After several sessions and practical exercises we encouraged the pastors to invite those who they knew who had infirmities to come and attend sessions.  Also, we made an announcement that we would minister healing at a distance via mobile phones.  There were approximately eight pastors who made phone calls to people in their church who were sick.  One pastor called a woman in the hospital suffering from kidney failure.  As the pastor at our Training Event commanded healing in Jesus’ name over his phone, the woman experienced sensations in the part of her body where her kidneys are.  She testified that her kidneys were recreated or healed.  As she was repeating the commands in the name of Jesus after the pastor, she was also laying her hands on her caregiver also in the room with her.  The caregiver also experienced a miraculous healing while the sister who had the kidney failure was ministering to her.  She had been suffering from a cyst on the side of her head.  While the sister for whom she had been providing care ministered to her in Jesus’ name, the cyst in her head dissolved. This was one of the many healings that occurred during the two-day training event.

A man born deaf received healing in both ears as the pastors ministered healing as Jesus did and as taught in The Elijah Challenge. 

There was a young girl who requested healing for her hearing.  After praying we asked what happened, and she said she could hear a dog barking in the distance.

First day of Evangelism in Vagamon with the Colonel