Reports from Leaders after attending the Training

“I am back to my country. It was a blessing to meet you and attend The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training. God is so gracious to me to have me meet with mighty men of God like you. I have seen and experienced many changes in my ministry and life [since the Advanced Training]. I am feeling a lot of peace after attending The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training.

I had already seen all sorts of physical healings happening in my ministry for many years, but after The Elijah Challenge Training they became easy and quick. In Houston after the Training I preached at a 700-member church, and after I exercised authority in the name of the Lord Jesus many were instantly healed from many infirmities.

One woman born blind in her right eye was instantly healed within 10 seconds in that service. And there was one boy who had broken his right leg and was walking with crutches. When I exercised authority the bones joined together within 5 seconds then and there.

These miraculous healings had happened before in my ministry, but I used to have to lay hands on the people and then pray over them. It took too much effort from me and after the virtue [or “power” as in Mark 5:30] passed from me to them I would feel weak. Now I am seeing many miraculous healings instantly by the hundreds. I will send you the videos and the pictures. Next time when I am in America I will once again attend The Elijah Challenge.

…You also corrected me unknowingly. You looked at me and said that I needed to fulfill the Great Commission which I have not been doing faithfully. I was more concerned with other things in the ministry. And Lord spoke to me and corrected me through you. God bless you!”

Pastor Ephraim of West Bengal, India attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in the USA in September 2014