“Praise the Lord for the grace of God upon our Elijah Challenge-trained disciples and harvest workers as they are winning the souls for Christ in different places.  I am trying to be in touch with them at least once a week to encourage them and get their latest updates. In some places the response is very good, and in other places no response.

Miraculous healing brings complaint & accusation from servants of God

 Although the rain has continued for the last one and half months most of our harvest workers have been ministering to the sick and preaching the gospel in Hindu villages. [See the video of the flooding and accompanying photos down below.] It’s really a joy for me to receive reports from our workers. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Some selected reports by our second batch of twelve trained disciples:

  • A young girl was suffering from sickle cell disease, and so was very weak. She had been bedridden for a few weeks, especially during rainy days. Two of the brothers went and ministered to her in Jesus’ name, and she was healed miraculously. Her family witnessed the mighty work of the living Son of God, and believed on Him. They accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

  •  An elderly woman had been suffering from back pain for seven to eight months. When our trained workers went to minister to her at first she refused, saying that she would not get well since the doctor had told her that her infirmity was due to old age. The brothers told her there is a God who loves the little ones and as well as the older ones. So she was willing to be prayed over. When the disciples ministered to her she instantly felt the healing power of God and was healed of the back pain.
    But she was not convinced and told them that they had probably used magic. The workers explained to her they were not familiar with magic or witchcraft, but that they knew the Son of God whose name is Jesus Christ. They explained to her that what she felt was His power. The family was astonished to know that there is a God who hears and responds in such a way. They had never heard of such a thing. 
    They asked our workers to come to their house and teach in order for them to know more about the Lord Jesus. They asked for a Bible.

  • A  young girl had been severely demonised. She was screaming, dancing and creating a scene in the village. She could not be controlled even by three or four young men. The family had called a sorcerer who sacrificed a chicken and other things, after which the demon left. But from time to time the demon would return to attack her again and again. Finally the family was fed up, and had her chained up. A neighbour told them to call a Christian pastor who would drive out the demon. Our workers went there and commanded the demon to leave.  The demon left instantly, and the girl suffered no more attacks. Praise the Lord!

  • In a certain village there were three family relatives who from time to time would suffer from various diseases one after another. At night they would have bad dreams. Their children most of the time also suffered from sickness. Their crops in the field were not doing well. They were thinking that someone had used black magic against them. They called a temple priest named Pujari, and as tradition demanded they offered a sacrifice. But there was no change at all. Our trained disciples went there every evening for a week to minister to their family. Afterwards the family threw out everything they had used to worship their gods. Very quickly they experienced dramatic changes. The nightmares ceased. They experienced supernatural healing in their bodies. They acknowledged that they had worshiped their idols for a long time, but did not see any results. But within a short period of time as they trusted the Lord, they were healed and delivered. All the family members accepted Christ.

  •  I just received a brand-new report (August 18, 2018) from one of our Elijah Challenge pastors that we now have 18 new believers in a remote village at the border of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Please continue to pray for our Elijah Challenge servants of God.”

– Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
   August 2018

Note: These disciples will eventually train still other disciples just as they themselves were trained—and so on and on. In this way there will be an exponential increase of harvest workers during these Last Days in answer to the prayer in Luke 10:2.

Training disciples in India today as Jesus trained his Twelve disciples to fulfill the Great Commission