INDIA: Trained believers heal the sick in public hospital confirming the gospel

In early December 2016 on our mission trip to India, we trained nearly 200 pastors, evangelists, elders and deacons of Christian Revival Churches (CRC) in the northeast state of Meghalaya. We taught them how to heal the sick as Jesus did as evidence to the lost that he was in fact the promised Messiah and the only way to the Father in heaven. The venue was the lovely mountain town of Tura. Below is the view we enjoyed from our hotel room.

Praising the Lord in the tribal Garo language

After lunch on Sunday the final day of the Training, we sent the trained servants of God out to a local public hospital where they had been given permission to minister healing in Jesus’ name to the patients for the sake of the gospel. 

Back at the final session later that evening, the servants of God came forward one after another to testify how the Lord had used them to minister with supernatural power and authority to the patients. Some of the patients declared that they had been miraculously healed. The miracles were the evidence to the lost that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah and the only way to our Father in heaven—the One True God. 


One of The Elijah Challenge teams which ministered in the hospital


50 to 60 souls put their faith in Jesus as they preach the gospel in new region


Christian Revival Churches Elder Bimal reported:

“On the last day of The Elijah Challenge Training at MBOSE, Tura, Meghalaya, India. Teams visited to Tura Civil Hospital to minister healing to the sick and those injured in accidents. Many have been healed through their ministry. To God be all glory and praise in Jesus’ name.”



Now these trained servants of God are ready to take the gospel with power to the lost in their “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Elijah Challenge Trainers (center), CRC Chairman Pastor Nithonath Sangma (right)

50 to 60 souls put their faith in Jesus as they preach the gospel in new region