“Thank you so much for supporting and praying for us and for the ministry here in the state of Orissa and now expanding to the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh. Though everywhere in India there is now persecution from the fanatic Fundamentalist Hindus, the work of the gospel continues to expand. 

Last week we had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a remote tribal village inhabited by over 200 families. People would worship their ancestors as well as cows, buffaloes, etc. Many of them, even the women, were addicted to alcohol.

We were told that a few years back two families in this village came to Christ. Afterwards they suffered severe persecution from the Hindus. For an entire month, they were tied up with ropes and imprisoned inside their own homes. If they informed the police, they would be killed.

 So we had been praying and looking for an opportunity to reach that village.  

By the grace of God, along with a few of our Elijah Challenge servants of God we made plans and took a step of faith to conduct a Feeding Event there. And our Lord was faithful to perform great things there. Over six hundred villagers accepted Christ.



A woman named Ramadevi (below) had been bedridden for three months. She was not able to get up or to do anything. Her family had taken her to several hospitals and had also sought treatment in the village. But instead of getting better she became very weak and was not able to do anything. And her poor parents sold some land, doing their best to help her with treatment—but to no avail.



When we were planning to hold the Event in that village her husband, hearing that people would be miraculously healed, felt some kind of assurance that something would happen to his wife. As we ministered to her during the Event, she stood up and took a few steps—something she was unable to do for three months. She testified that some supernatural strength had entered her body. See Ramadevi below after the Lord’s miraculous touch on her body.



People were astonished at the sudden change in her condition. After that so many people came and surrounded me, asking me to minister to them one by one—as you can see below. Many people were healed from various infirmities such as deafness, blindness, and other many diseases.




A young woman named Kasturi (below) had sickle cell anemia. She was very weak due to insufficient blood in her body. The Lord Jesus touched her. She experienced strength returning to her body.



An elderly woman named Amina (below) had arthritis and suffered from pain in both knees. The Lord healed her right there at our Event. Afterwards she explained how she had suffered.  



Many people were suffering from demonic attacks. As we exercised authority over them in Jesus’ name, the demons came out of them.

Thank you so much for your intercessory prayers and financial support. Praise the Lord!”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa (Odisha)
March 2018



Feeding the people afterwards