“We had a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in an unreached region located in a hilly region of Orissa, very far from the main road into the jungle where two villages ringed by mountains give rise to a lovely view. 

Thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to proclaim the Kingdom of God in such a remote area where there is no transportation and where modern conveniences usually taken for granted are not available.

Around 350 villagers accepted the Christ. 



A few selected reports of miraculous healings confirming the gospel of Jesus Christ

An elderly man named Sukanta (below) had been completely deaf in one ear for twenty years from a sickness he had suffered. He had been prescribed and taken all kinds of drugs, but nothing worked to restore his hearing. At our Feeding Event he experienced a powerful miraculous healing and his hearing was restored. He was so glad to know about our Lord Jesus Christ, and accepted him as Lord and Saviour. 



A young girl named Kalpana (below) had an infection on her skin. As we were ministering to the sick at the front, she was touched by the power of God at a distance. She testified that she felt the awesome healing power of the Lord like electricity flowing through her body. Instantly the itching stopped, and she discovered that her skin suffering from infection had dried up.



An elderly woman named Khusbu (below) had severe back pain, causing her difficulty in walking. The Lord was healing her at a distance, but she still wanted us to minister to her through the laying on of hands on her back. Praise the Lord she was healed completely.



A young woman named Rani (below) had a stomach infection resulting in pain in the lower part of her stomach. Praise the Lord she was healed.  



Thank you so much for your financial and intercessory prayer support enabling us to reach such villages with the wonderful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India
July 2018


Feeding the villagers afterwards