Praise Report – October 2021

“As the country is gradually opening up, many meetings and house meetings were organized in North India. In October Pastor Vikram had the first one-day gospel meeting and feeding event at Village New Wadi in Amritsar, Punjab. Pastor Shakuntala preached the message of salvation and ministered to the gathering of more than 200 people. In this meeting about 85 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Pastor Shakuntala prayed for the sick and needy. Many people testified of healing and deliverance from evil spirit. A young boy who was possessed by the evil spirit and his hands and feet were twisted was set free after the prayer and worshipped Jesus.”


“Another gospel meeting and feeding event was organized by Pastor Vikas Teji in Pind Chabal village in New Amritsar, Punjab. Pastor Shakuntala could not reach for this meeting due to the disruption caused by farmers protest in Ambala area. Pastor Vikas Teji preached the word and ministered to a gathering of 180 people. At the alter call 65 people responded and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. There were several testimonies of healings and miracles, amongst which was a testimony of a young man who was delivered from the evil spirit. He gave his testimony after a week that he is delivered from the drug addiction and has not touched drugs since the day Pastor Vikas Teji prayed for him. Similarly, another woman who had cyst in her uterus gave her testimony after getting confirmation after 2 days in a medical test that she was healed in the meeting.”


“Pastor Shakuntala and Pastor Vikas Teji had another gospel meeting and feeding event at Muksar Road Pind Fattu Wala, Punjab. About 175 people attended this meeting and 90 people accepted Jesus as the word was preached in this remote village. A lot of people testified of healing from back pain, knee pain and ulcers.”


“Pastor Santosh Kumar preached at a gospel meeting and a feeding event in a small tent house in the slums of Gorakhpur, in Uttar Pradesh. A great move of Holy Sprit was seen at a gathering of over 100 people as 45 people accepted Jesus Christ. Most of the people in this village were evil spirit possessed. Praise God many people were set free in this meeting.”


“A similar gospel meeting was done by Pastor Santosh Kumar in the slums of Mukut Mahal a remote village in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. This meeting was attended by 60 people and a lot of children. Pastor Santosh Kumar shared the message of love of Jesus Christ in a simple way to be understood by the children too. About 40 people and many children accepted Jesus Christ.”


“Pastor Ashwini Kumar who had 18 house meetings in October in Bargah district, Orissa reported of 7 baptisms in this remote area.”


“In October Bethel church members had more than 25 small house prayer meetings in Delhi. Pastor Shakuntala also received invitations to speak at different churches in Delhi, including the Methodist Church Mangolpuri. A great move of Holy Spirit was seen in this meeting and several people testified of healings and miracles. The Bethel Church continues to have the in-person Church service with Pastor Shakuntala preaching the Word. The church also continues to have 3 days fasting prayer service on the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd of every month and a weekly fasting prayer every Friday. Many church members testify how God answers their questions, meet their spiritual needs and send them His word through the weekly bible study which happens online every Saturday with Nishant David teaching and the Word of God. The Word of God shared in the Saturday bible study and Sunday church service train and equip the church members to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the lost.”

“We thank God for using His people to spread His Word. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.”