“Our second October 2019 gospel event was held in Poja in Punjab State. Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor, Mona Tezi, preached the gospel and close to 290+ people raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer. Poja has only a few believing families, but after the event we had many testimonies of people who had gotten rid of the traditions they had inherited from their forefathers.

Many unclean spirits came out of people as they invited Jesus into their lives. And many people were healed from their infirmities as Pastor Mona ministered to them.

  • A lady with an issue of blood for 3 years was instantly healed.
  • Another lady who had suffered from severe headaches for three years was healed.
  • A woman with a frozen shoulder was miraculously healed.
  • A man with temporary memory loss was healed and his memory restored.

These are just a few of the many healing testimonies which we heard.

Kindly pray for Mona Teji.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker, North India
October 8, 2019