Report from November 2015 India Mission Trip

Under the coordination of Rev. Akon Bajronayak who formerly served under Operation Mobilization and World Vision, disciples gathered in Borbam Baptist Church (below) in Amguri in the city of Dibrugarh, Assam State to be trained with The Elijah Challenge.

Group photo of participants

Above & below: Training disciples to lay hands on the infirm

During the sessions as the participants ministered healing to one another as Jesus did in the gospels, infirmities were healed. A young man was healed from the eye pain he had suffered for a couple months after other disciples ministered to him twice. A young woman was instantly healed from the back pain she had had for five years. Two man with back pain who were unable to bend over were miraculously healed. Stomach pain vanished in Jesus’ name. A gentleman with a heart problem physically experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ in his heart, and could breathe much better afterwards. He felt that his heart was healed. A believer suffering from a headache was healed.

Testimonies of miraculous healings during the Training

Above: Rev. Akon (left) translating into the Assamese dialect


Above & below: preparing lunch for the participants outside 



After The Elijah Challenge Training, the gospel was preached in the open-air under a tent.



In order to confirm the truth of the gospel to the listeners, the trained believers then stepped forward to minister miraculous healing to the sick in the name of Jesus Christ.



Many people with infirmities were healed miraculously, and came up to the stage to testify.



This man above was healed of deafness. Others were also healed and testified (below).


At the very end when our host Rev. Akon Bajronayak asked people to stand up to pray to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the entire crowd stood up.

Rev. Akon took us to visit Central Baptist Church in nearby Sivasagar—the very first Christian Church in the state of Assam


Man on the street in Sivasagar with bad back was healed in the name of Jesus Christ