“Last month (January 2019) over 1250 people heard the gospel, at least 350 gave their life to Christ, 13 new house churches started, and 558 people got healed. 

Here are the results from our 6 church planters [for February 2019]: 1328 heard the gospel. 981 received Christ. Over 760 people healed from different problems. 16 new house churches planted. That brings the total to 53 house churches in 5 months.

This doesn’t include all the other disciples they are training to heal the sick and preach the gospel. There are even more healings and salvation there as well.

Basically they go out on the streets and teach about Jesus, then back up the word by healing the people. Then invite them to house churches. Identify some leaders, train them, then put them in charge of another house church. Then teach them about Jesus and healing, then send them out to do the same.”

Received from AA of One Way Ministries (onewaymin.com). AA teaches the use of power and authority which he learned from The Elijah Challenge when he trained with us in India.

Much more from AA below…

Bihar, INDIA – Even political leaders on the TV news gave glory to God: “this will reach millions”

North India: “about 300 to 400 people are being saved every single day”.




Partially paralyzed mini-chihuahua miraculously healed