Announcement for upcoming Elijah Challenge Training:
June 8-9 in Houston

“We had a very powerful Feeding Event in a village. The Lord performed mighty and wonderful things  by miraculously healing people of infirmities and delivering people from demons. Around three hundred fifty people accepted Christ as their only Lord and Savior.

A few of the many testimonies…

A young man named Rabindra (below) had injured his hand in a motorcycle accident. For six months he had been unable to lift his hand and so could not work. Praise the Lord his hand was miraculously strengthened and healed. Rabinadra was able to raise his hand normally and now able to go back to work.




Asha (below) had been unable to hear since birth. She had taken much medication, but none of it worked to restore her hearing. But Lord restored her hearing at the Event and she was able to hear clearly.




In the same way, Tarulata/Taruba (below) had lost her hearing. She was upset because people in her village would mock her and say hurtful things about her. But at the Event she experienced the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. She felt something enter in her ear, and suddenly she began to hear very clearly.   Praise the Lord.



A young woman named Kabita (below) had been suffering from pain in her lower abdomen for the past three months. Two days before the Event she had been treated by a doctor, but she did not get well. But at the Event, she was healed miraculously. Our gracious Lord touched her.



Moreover, many children came with their parents for healing. Praise God that many children were also healed.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
Spring 2018



Feeding the villagers afterwards




Announcement for upcoming Elijah Challenge Training:
June 8-9 in Houston