“Thank you so much for your intercession and financial support. By the grace of God we have baptized 26 new believers and visited some unreached villages. We were very glad to witness the response of such villagers to the gospel. 

We have started to work among two totally unreached people groups: the Mali people and the Gondu people. Praise the Lord our Elijah Challenge workers have reached these villages using the Lord’s supernatural power and authority over disease and demons as proof of the gospel.

Accordingly to my calculations, we are going to harvest a large number of people this year.    

We had a very powerful gospel event in one remote village.  Around three hundred souls accepted Christ for the first time in their lives. God did many miraculous healings as evidence of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”



A few selected testimonies

“Elderly Radhika (below) had severe back pain and for three years had been unable to stand or walk without a staff. She was very weak and felt constant pain. But after Almighty God healed her, she came to the front without her staff. She stood up and was walking around all by herself.”


“An elderly mom named Kabi (below) had suffered from a stroke two years earlier, and had difficulty walking. After the stroke she was very sick and unable to walk or do daily chores. After taking a lot of prescription drugs she was a little better, but still unable to walk properly. At our event God wonderfully healed her. She was able to walk normally and without pain.”


“Anita (below) had been suffering from shoulder pain and unable to raise her hand. As we ministered to the sick at a distance from the front, she was miraculously healed. Raising her hand joyfully before the crowd, she testified that Jesus had healed her.”


“Godia, a young girl, had suffered from a throat infection rendering her unable to eat or drink properly. Her family thought that a sorcerer has performed black magic on her. But the Lord touched her at our gospel event, and she was miraculously healed. Afterwards she was able to drink freely and talk without any problem.”


“An elderly woman named Dukhi could not see properly, especially at night. Our Lord touched her and restored her eyesight. She testified that she could see properly and that Jesus had healed her.”


“Young Sahil had difficulty breathing since he was little. From time to time his entire body would just break out in a sweat for no apparent reason. But at our Event our gracious Lord healed him. He was able to take deep breaths, walk and even run with no problem. Praise the Lord he was miraculously healed.”


“Praise the Lord!”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in India
June 2019