We had a blessed and fruitful Elijah Challenge Training in Koraput—the most tribal and Maoist-dominated district in Orissa. It was attended by forty-five servants of God, all pastors and evangelists.

We received feedback from one of the servants of God there which touched us very deeply. A pastor who came from a Hindu background testified, “If this teaching could have come to India fifty years ago, then today India definitely would have at least 50% of the population Christian.” Currently only 5% of the population of India is Christian.



The Senior Pastor of a church named Kar had suffered a lot in his life. Seven years earlier he had open heart surgery. From that day onward he felt weak and sick. Even though he took medicine every day, his head shook continuously. After taking medication for a long time, he was not well. Along with the trained servants of God we ministered to him and instantly the shaking stopped. He testified that he felt better.

Another pastor had an infection in his teeth, and he was in terrible pain. He already had one tooth removed due to the pain. There was also some swelling on his cheek. We ministered to him along with the servants of God. Miraculously the pain left, and the swelling disappeared. Praise God.

A Lutheran evangelist had suffered from a migraine headache for a long time. He took medicine continually as his doctor had advised him. Sometimes for a few days he would feel better, but after some days the pain would start up again. It was unbearable. He attended our Training with the migraine. As the servants of God ministered to him, praise the Lord, the pain left completely. He was overjoyed, and share his testimony through tears.

A pastor had undergone surgery to remove a tumor one year earlier, spending a lot of money. The surgical wound was not fully dry and the pain had not fully subsided. We and the servants of God laid hands on his stomach. He testified that he felt a powerful touch in his body, and he was healed. 

An evangelist had a thyroid problem. Due to lack of money he did not receive proper treatment. He needed many kinds of blood tests to be done in a lab in Mumbai. For this he needed 100,000 rupees which he did not have. He was healed by the Lord as we ministered to him. The Lord touched him with power.

It was so good to introduce the Training to servants of God mostly from the German Lutheran Evangelical Church (GELC) background.   

One of the Senior Pastors was there and told me that his son is an Assembly of God pastor in Mussoorie in the foothills of the Himalayas with another one nearby in Dehradun. He said to me, “please visit that place and teach The Elijah Challenge there.”

-Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
August 2015

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar