“We had a very fruitful Feeding Event at Madaguda, a remote village surrounded by hills. With the poor weather that day we reached it going over a very muddy road. We were expecting around 180 to 200 people, but rain was threatening our outdoor event. However, people were nevertheless gathering. We led them in a few songs, and then the rain came, heavy and sudden. I wanted to close the meeting, release the people to eat and then afterwards go home.

But first I asked the people if we should cancel the event and re-schedule it for some other day. But almost all of them stood and responded saying they wanted to hear what we had to say—they knew that it was something very new for them. Thank the Lord.

For the first time in my life, I stood under an umbrella and preached. I shared the gospel for about half an hour. After the preaching I ministered to many sick people in Jesus’ name while the rain came down around us. With all the people standing before us, the Lord graciously healed many as evidence that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to the Father.

I noticed that people were in need of both physical healing and salvation.

“I have observed there are so many villages where the people are in great need of healing and deliverance from demons”


A young woman had a serious problem. Her entire body from top to bottom was shaking. On that day she had returned from treatment at a hospital, but she was not at all well. They thought it might be a demonic attack. She was hesitant even to walk, fearing that she might fall at any time. When we began to minister to her in Jesus’ name, everyone could see that she was shaking. After I ministered to her the first time, the upper part of her body stopped shaking. Again I prayed over her, and the shaking completely stopped. Praise the Lord that she was healed.

A woman had a problem with poor vision, and had difficulty recognizing people. The doctor advised a certain treatment for her, but it was very expensive and needed to be repeated from time to time. But she was very surprised to experience a glorious miracle in her life. Jesus touched her eyes, and she could see clearly.

An elderly man suffered from spondylitis [inflammation of the joints of the backbone]. For a long time he did not have money to see a doctor and to receive treatment. It was very difficult for him to bend and take a breath. He would walk very slowly. But that day he was wonderfully healed as everyone could see. He was able to take a big breath and to move about freely here and there.

A woman was present who for a long time had suffered from severe pain in the lower part of her chest. Because of the pain she couldn’t go down to the river or stream to fetch water. She had difficulty eating food and became very weak. But at the Feeding Event she experienced the healing touch of Jesus Christ in her body.

Around 120 people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at this Feeding Event.


Thank you so much for your prayer and support enabling us to reach the unreached. I have observed there are so many villages where the people are in great need of healing and deliverance from demons. We need to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Subodh Jena Kumar
Elijah Challenge Coordinator, Orissa, India
July 2015

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar