“Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am writing to share with you my experience in Chicago this past weekend at the Elijah Challenge Training. I now have so many new dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, praise God!

This past weekend I was trained scripturally with the sound doctrine that the Lord Himself taught to his beloved disciples. For some reason the modern Christian Church has failed to fulfill the Great Commission as commanded by our Lord and Savior.  Instead we have become like the Israelites, backslidden and lost in the traditions of men. God help us. The spirit of pride and greed and ministry envy is a problem. Many are too afraid to rock the boat or admit they have been wrong in their understanding of the Bible and their teaching of it to others. We must cast out the spirit of pride. We must be pliable and willing to be broken for the Potter to re-form us to do the Great Commission in these last days—to bring in the harvest for the Lord Jesus Christ and our wonderful Father in heaven. There is no more time to waste. We will be accountable at the Judgment Seat of Christ. I caution myself and others to be pliable and willing to be retaught by the Lord Himself.

This past weekend I saw great miracles of healing and deliverance from demons. There was no traditional praying for people to be healed or delivered of demons as is usually done—that is not what the Bible teaches and that is not what Christ Jesus did or taught. We must examine our traditions and minister based on Scripture only. I have never seen so many healings in all my life. God was present to heal because we obeyed his directives and His commands and did it His way, not our way.

I saw a young woman’s foot before my own eyes made new with the swelling as well as the discoloration gone. She took the booty off and walked and jumped and cried and thanked Jesus. She was at a New Age conference in the same hotel featuring some type of New Age healing, but they could not help her. One of my sisters invited her to come. Eventually she did show up and was miraculously healed. I have never seen anything like it.

“I have been to the Mayo Clinic three times…”

I have learned so much in the past weekend and I am so happy to hear what was taught and what Jesus taught me through the teaching. I myself have been healed. I have been sick for twelve months. I have been to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics a dozen times. I have been to the Mayo Clinic three times, but they have not been able to help me. Last Sunday night I was healed as the other disciples ministered to me. I walked as I hadn’t walked in 12 months. I had forgotten how good it felt to walk normally. I even ran down the hallways of the hotel—something I could not do before.

Shelly runs 5,000 meter event less than two months later

If I were to tell you everything that happened this weekend, this email would go on for a very, very, long time. Instead I want to encourage you to go to their website www.TheElijahChallenge.org and learn to serve the Lord, especially if you are in the ministry of evangelism. But even if you are an “ordinary” believer you are still called to share the Gospel, for even the smallest believer has a measure of power and authority to heal the sick and deliver the demonized. Did you know that?

Now is the time for the scales to fall off our eyes. Now is the time to do the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and not “our ministry.” We must humble ourselves and then repent for failing to obey what the Lord has commanded. I know these are strong words but I share them in love with urgency. Christ Jesus loves us so much and there’s so much left of the harvest that needs to come in; there is no more time to waste.

The following day I ministered healing twice and it worked with amazing results. I drove down to my grandpa’s who was dog-sitting my Pug named Bubby, and I ministered to him with great results. He forgave quite a few people, and felt the Lord’s healing power in his shoulder. I prayed over him with boldness for a lot of infirmities and I think he was a bit surprised. Then I finally made it home. My husband had gotten off work with a terrible migraine which was making him sick to his stomach. It was a 10 out 10—meaning super-painful. I ministered to him with power and authority just as I had been instructed through the word of God, and he was healed within seconds. Praise God. It had been so bad for him that he was about to take some ibuprofen, but I said, “no, let me show you what I learned.” Within seconds the pain was completely gone, no trace of it. I’m glad this happened so he could see it for himself. So to God be the glory!

I have a prayer meeting with someone with diabetes and high blood pressure on Thursday night, so I will minister and teach her as well. She’s a good sister in the Lord along with her husband.

Glory to God in the highest! Last night I said, “Lord, how much can change in THREE DAYS!” He reminded me that in THREE DAYS THE WORLD CHANGED because of His death and resurrection. PRAISE GOD!”

Shelly Ragen
April 21, 2015

Shiloh Harvest Ministry