Testimony of a participating pastor after the Chicago Elijah Challenge Training in April 2015

“My mother’s eye was swollen and red on Tuesday night. We rebuked the infirmity and commanded healing in Jesus’ name. The swelling was gone, the redness left, and her pain dissipated. 


Bring It To Jesus Ministries

At today’s (Wednesday) afternoon service we had two people with heart ailments, one person battling breast cancer, and one person with pain in the leg. We rebuked the infirmities and commanded healing in Jesus’ name.

  1. The pain in the person’s leg left immediately.
  2. One of the people with the heart ailment couldn’t bend over for long periods because she would get shortness of breath. But after we ministered to her she was able to bend over for a long time.  She is ready to go back her gardening.
  3. For the other person with a heart problem…after we ministered to her she went for a long walk. Then she went up and down the steps with a little heaviness of breathing at the very end. Earlier she would not have been able to do that at all, without stopping in between several times and a lot of shortness of breath at the end.
  4. The lady with breast cancer had a swollen breast. As we ministered to her with authority and the laying on of hands we saw a reduction in the swelling. We are awaiting her results when she goes to the doctor next time.”

Pastor Andrea Smith
United Methodist Church of Roosevelt, Long Island
Bring It To Jesus Ministries