March 2008

Reports from the United Kingdom 


Our host was Sister Flora of House of Ishmael Ministries. She is a very powerful woman of God whom the Lord has used to mobilize the churches to come together to become one in Christ and to conduct pioneer door-to-door evangelism in hundreds of thousands of homes in the East London area. This area is inhabited mostly by immigrants and those of immigrant background, many of them the spiritual sons of Ishmael. The pastors and churches with whom Sister Flora works are mostly of African or Caribbean background.

In the London borough of Newham the largest mosque in the UK—it will seat 12,000 people—is being planned. The English Church appears to be just a shell of its former glory of over 200 years ago when she sent out to the nations the pioneers of the modern age of missions—Hudson Taylor, William Carey, Robert Morrison, and David Livingstone. But the Lord has graciously raised up ethnic and multi-cultural churches to save Great Britain from the sons of Ishmael and the false religions that have settled in the land. These ethnic believers—especially those of African background—are zealous for the Lord and fearless. They are warriors for the Kingdom of God and not intimidated by the sons of Ishmael.

Many English people have left the church and turned to the New Age and witchcraft. They are hungry for the supernatural, but the traditional Christian church here is completely devoid of the Lord’s miraculous power. The Archbishop of Canterbury sparked a controversy by saying that Musl__m shariah law is inevitable in the United Kingdom.

A new paradigm for reaching them

At the Introductory Training meeting at Dominion Christian Centre with Pastor Yinka Popoola, the Lord graciously anointed us to teach and afterwards displayed His power through the believers to heal infirmities as confirmation of the teaching. A total of eight ladies came to the front to be healed of infirmities for the demonstration. Others came up to lay hands on them. After a couple times of ministry, six testified they were healed, the seventh was partially healed, and the eighth was not healed. The saints and servants of God were greatly encouraged at how the Lord had used them. Afterwards one servant of God named Emmanuel who is originally from Ghana told me excitedly that he had been transformed as never before by the teaching. At the meeting there were pastors from different local churches in attendance.

On the following evening we held an introductory training session at Rivers of Life Church with Pastor Praise Olatona. After the teaching believers came forward to lay hands on the infirm and several testified of being healed. The servants of God were greatly encouraged to proclaim the kingdom of God boldly.

On the following morning we traveled a few hours north of London to Manchester for a Sunday morning meeting at Temple of Shalom with Pastor Solomon. The Lord graciously anointed us to teach the people after which we demonstrated the teaching. Many were instantly healed as the believers laid hands on the infirm. After the “corporate mass healing” at the end of the meeting, about a dozen people crowded the front of the sanctuary to testify that the Lord had healed them. Among the several noteworthy testimonies were three of eyesight being restored. This is in apparent fulfillment of a recent prophecy to Temple of Shalom by a prophet named Elisha that healing would flow from the church. When we left the church we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky as if God were confirming his promise to us.


Rainbow of promise seen from Temple of Shalom after meeting

Epainos Ministries in the borough of Tower Hamlet is led by Pastor Davy Johnson. It is a most vibrant fellowship of believers, meeting nearly every night of the week. The Lord has placed them in the Tower Hamlet Borough of London—with well over 90% Musl__m population—because they have the zeal to take the gospel to the streets and the homes.


Pastor Davey Johnson

At the Monday evening introductory meeting with Epainos Ministries the Lord again used us to teach the believers. At the demonstration of healing nearly twenty people testified of being healed as the believers laid hands on them. There were some notable testimonies. One of them was from a girl of about twelve who had suffered from poor hearing since birth. She was able to hear normally. We are confident they are going to use this introductory training on the streets. The miracles will demonstrate to the Musl__ms that Jesus is the only way to the Father.


Above & Below: disciples gather at Epainos for training



Believers taught how to heal the sick as Jesus taught
Sister in pink testifies afterwards the pain is gone


People with infirmities gather at front for healing


The believers minister to the infirm en masse


Above & below: those who are healed line up to testify



Above & below: testimonies of healing

The final introductory training meeting was held at Pastor Lanre Akanro’s House of Faith. Significantly, other local pastors were in attendance, including one from an Anglican Church. Anglican leaders rarely attend meetings at pentecostal churches. The Lord’s precious anointing enabled us to teach perhaps more effectively than at any of the other four venues during the week.

The very first person to come up for healing at the demonstration was a woman who had just come out of the hospital because of a stroke. She came forward slowly with obvious difficulty. I laid my hand on the back of the upper part of her neck and rebuked the infirmity in Jesus’ name, commanding her to be healed. Tears began to flow accompanying some slight shaking of her body. Then I took her by the hand and had her walk. She was much stronger than before and appeared to walk normally back and forth at the front of the sanctuary. The saints stood up and rejoiced. Later, other people came forward and testified of being healed after believers laid hands on them. The Lord graciously confirmed the teaching of His word through the miraculous healings.

Pastor Lanre Akanro was greatly encouraged by what he had seen that evening in House of Faith. He is planning to lead his people out to do some very bold open-air healing and preaching, perhaps even in London’s Hyde Park.

Later our host Sister Flora said that during that week more had been accomplished than in years. Many years ago when she first began, local pastors and churches were initially reluctant to endorse her ministry of witnessing on the streets and going door-to-door with the gospel. Very gradually as they saw the fruit of her ministry did they open up and began to work with her. Now that it is clear the Lord has given to His people power and authority to heal the sick as they proclaim the gospel on the streets—so important in winning Musl__ms, Hindus, witches, and New Age followers for the Lord—there is greater momentum and unity of the spirit for working together than before.


The hour is late—let us work while it is still day