Trivandrum, Kerala, South India

September 2007

The Elijah Challenge in India


The state of Kerala is at the southern tip of India

Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne teams up with Indian Ministry

Servants of God and Bible School students associated with Harvest Ministries International were equipped how to heal the sick and cast out demons to demonstrate to the Hindus and Musl__ms that our God is the only true God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him. Pastor Robert Mophet is the Director of Harvest Ministries International. They run an elementary school for hundreds of children as well as an orphanage. They also have a Bible School from which they send out pastors to other states of India, often to unreached villages.

Harvest Mission School

Pastor Robert Mophet in center

The event was graciously sponsored by Full Gospel Assembly of Melbourne, Australia.


Full Gospel Assembly team: Pastor YC Goh, Kaurina, Robin,
Team Leader Raymond Seow (not shown: Megan)

The Hindus are the majority here, followed by the Musl__ms who are about 25% of the population of the state of Kerala. The Christians number only about 19%. This is most distressing. According to tradition, Jesus’ disciple Thomas came to proclaim the gospel in South India well over 500 years before Isl–m was brought by Arab traders to India. Could it be that the preaching of the gospel here has lacked power after Thomas passed away? (We are told that the Apostle Thomas is buried in Madras, Tamil Nadu.) Has it been done as Jesus commanded his disciples in Luke 10 where the sick are to be healed as the Kingdom is proclaimed to the lost?

Equipping Seminar for full-time servants of God

After the training, three public Evangelistic Healing Services were held inside a local Assemblies of God Church.

At the first meeting the gospel of Jesus Christ was shared. Afterwards the trained servants of God came forward to heal the infirm in Jesus’ name. This was in accordance with Jesus’ commands to the Seventy in Luke 10:9. The Lord performed various miracles of healing as they laid hands on the infirm and exercised the authority over diseases and demons given to them by the Lord Jesus. Among them was one young girl who was born with a defective eye. Since birth she had been unable to move that eye and could not see anything at a distance. But the Lord healed her. She could move the eye normally and see at a distance. Her father came up to confirm her testimony.

Evangelistic Healing Crusade

A woman was deaf since birth in one ear. The Lord opened up the ear. A woman testified that half of her body had been paralyzed, but the Lord had healed her. An eight-year-old boy who was mostly deaf and dumb since birth was able to hear significantly better. Many women testified that they were healed from long-standing pains in various parts of their bodies.

Through these miracles the Lord Jesus demonstrated to the people beyond any doubt that He had authority to forgive sin. Unfortunately since the meeting was held in a local church, there were few if any unbelievers—Musl__ms or Hindus—present. It is far more effective to hold such meetings in the open-air. However, since there is now a law in India prohibiting foreigners from preaching the gospel in the open-air, we were forced to hold the meeting indoors. But that is not a problem at all because Indians are still free to preach in the open-air. Through these three Healing Services they were trained to do it in the open-air on their own in the future.

At the final Healing Service I preached from Isaiah 53:4-5, arguing that Jesus was able to take up our infirmities because he was pierced for our transgressions. Because of that, we would heal the infirm in Jesus’ name to prove that he had suffered on the cross to bear our sins.

Isaiah 53:4 Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. 5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

When after prayer to the Lord I asked for those who wanted to be healed to come forth, four ladies appeared. Three of them were Hindus invited by believing friends. The trained servants of God then laid hands on them as they had been taught in the Seminar. All four were healed and came up to the platform to testify. One had been suffering for six years from her infirmity. The three healed Hindu ladies have seen the proof that Jesus can save them from their sins through His suffering on the cross. The church will follow up on them.

With that, the equipping here in Kerala was concluded. The trained pastors present and future will definitely apply what they were taught to heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God in their villages. Please read below the comments and feedback they gave regarding The Elijah Challenge Seminar.

Pastor Robert Mophet plans to lead his Bible School students in open-air evangelistic rallies in the area to reach the Hindus and Musl__ms. He saw how “easily” it was done during the three evangelistic evenings.

The following was received on October 14, 2007 from Megan Griffith, an Australian geneticist who was a member of the team from Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne which sponsored the meetings in India:

“I would like to add my personal thanks. It was truly a wonderful course for me and a great opportunity to have some solid teaching from the Word of God. So far I am having victory over areas of flesh that have been troubling me for some time. In church today I had the thought to apply this teaching to other areas of my emotions over which I can’t get complete victory so I am interested to see what happens! I have already been sharing about kingly anointing and authority to heal with other Christians and have given your website out upon request. I have included my own short personal testimony at the end of the Indian Pastors.

You will be pleased to know that when we left Kerala we went to the front lines in Orissa and had unexpected opportunities to minister the gospel and healing. At one meeting many of the Hindu people of the village were present, and Team Leader Raymond Seow (an engineer for the Australian government) shared the gospel though the testimony of his mother-in-law. We then stepped out in faith “Elijah Challenge style” and talked about the God who heals. Raymond ministered mass healing. The presence of God was strong and several people were instantly healed. When ministering to one lady I felt power flow through my hand to her injury and she was healed. Another boy I ministered to was instantly healed of pain in both wrists after a short command, but I also prayed a blessing for him as I saw the Spirit on him. He was really touched by the love of God.

At one point during this prayer session I turned around and saw someone receiving Christ (there was no altar call). I later found out it was the village Hindu priest! Another elderly lady was not able to walk and one of her feet was black with rotten flesh. We spoke ministered to her for quite a while and in the end she was able to walk without pain, before then, she was in great agony and was hunched on the ground. God’s presence was real, it was the most touching part of the whole trip. I share this with you as I believe it is the stories that you want to hear to know that your teaching is being put into practice. This coming year will be especially important as we are focusing on reaching out into the community. I am expecting God to do wonderful things.”

Testimony from team member Karina Au:

“This trip really opened my eyes, I saw miracles happen. When we were praying for healing for a deaf and dumb boy, I felt power flow into his ear and he could hear partially. The Pastors from the villages were full of enthusiasm to do ministry and grow in God’s work. I experienced anointing by the Holy Spirit and God’s presence was so real.

During the training of Elijah Challenge teaching, I deeply understood that HE can do it: Nothing is impossible; establish and maintain relationship with God through prayer; and to build the fruit of the Holy Spirit into my personal character and be eager to grow those fruits. These three things are the foundation of believers. I will remember them forever because it so touched my heart.”


Testimonies from Seminar participants

26-29 October, 2007

Elijah Challenge Seminar participants

1.NAME: Bhupendra Kumar Hial.
Yes the seminar is more (most) useful to me and to my ministries.
After the Seminars are over what you have taught us and what I have learned (to do) in Jesus name; I am going to command the demons and (by) laying of hands upon sickness to use the authority to fulfill the Great commission. Actually by happening miracles many people will believe in God. After believing I have to make them to be the disciple of God. According to your teaching I am going to apply it in (my) ministries.

2. NAME: Labo Khura, Tota Street Nabarangpur, 764059, Orissa
The Elijah Challenge healing seminar is so much helpful for me and useful for me because before I never heard teaching like this, which is a powerful method for God’s ministry to draw the pagan people to the Lord Jesus Christ so that we are actually (we are) so thankful to Pastor W. actually that we could apply this method in our ministry.

The Elijah Challenge teaching is very well theory what we have learned from Pastor W. and from his team. So that I thank to all your team. Actually this teaching is very well to apply in the ministry so that I am going to apply The Elijah Challenge method in my church also I am wishing to teach my believers also this powerful mountain-moving faith may be work out in my church field. Please pray for me and for my church members because they have enthusiasm to do ministry and grow in God’s work so that please pray for us. We have no church and we need a church to be built in Tata street Nabarangpur, Orissa and we are praying for this let if fulfill very fast because we are suffering for church we have not enough place for the Sunday and Friday Services and for all night prayer service also pleas pray for us and for Orissa to conquer for the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor W. so please send your book to me which may be helpful for me to do effective and powerful ministry for God.

3. NAME: T.K. Prakash Babu, Andrha Pradesh, email [email protected]
The Elijah Challenge course was most useful for me. Right now I want to teach the course to my beloved pastor in Andrha Pradesh.

4. NAME: Binaya Bhuson Takri. Address Nakitaguda village, Betajharana Nabarangpur, Orissa 764071.

Yes The Elijah Challenge is very useful for me in ministry. These days there are more people who dislike hearing anything from others. When we will be able to do some amazing things then only people will definitely listen to us. So this seminar is going to help me to minister in a different way and obey the Word of God in the same way as the disciples did in the Bible. I thank God I will surely use this training that I see and practice in this seminar. Thank you very much, your brother in Christ. Prinaya Bhusen Takai Orissa.

5. NAME: Santisila Bagh, Bamini Mokia Papada Handi, Nabarangpur Orissa.
I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With The Elijah Challenge seminar I got more enthusiasm and (it is) useful for me. How can I write words to express my enjoyment and looking towards my ministry; really it is great teaching to overcome the power of the devil and lead the people really in the living God as their personal savior. So please pray for me and to do the challenge that I have learned from you in the past two days. Thank you Sir for your teaching and heart for Orissa.

6. NAME: Krupa Sindhu Hial. Goruda Guda Mohendry, Nabarangpur, Orissa 769072 tel: (91) 9437555301

Respected Sir. Greetings in the most precious name of the Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Sir I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am living in the district of Nabarangpur in Orissa. The Seminar was very good for my ministry and my evangelist work and other Christian life. When I will go to my State I will do all things in Orissa. What I learned that seminar I must do in my field and my ministry. Please pray for me and my ministry to grow through all those things. May God bless your ministry.

7. NAME: Mona Raranjan Suna. Chandropur, Semala Papadahandi, Nabarangpur Orissa 764071

Respected Sir, I greet you on behalf of my family in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Definitely this seminar is applicable for my personal life as well as for my ministry to reach every part of India by obeying Lord’s commands. Surely The Elijah Challenge ministry challenges me to do extraordinary work with the real authority which is given by the Lord. I realize I am most privileged on to have this seminar and I am really blessed by you ministry in a few days. What was I didn’t know today I now know. This challenged me and after this teaching now you are going to get fruits very soon. May the good God bless you and your ministry as well as your family. Please pray for me and my wife Babita. We have a 9 month baby girl Angelica. Please pray for us and for our family.

8. NAME: Sublan Bagha

Yes this seminar is very useful for me. According to the command and authority, what you have taught and how you have taught I am going to apply in ministry. Actually I did not know before about commands and prayers but through your teaching I learnt many things, to lay hands upon sick and mute and casting out demons, with seeing (open) eyes use the command and authority. Likewise I am going to apply it.

9. NAME: Sujeet Kumar Nag. At/PO Rellagada via Pottangi, Koraput, Orissa.

Yes The Elijah Challenge seminars is very good for us. Really I thank God for his grace and mercy that you spoke to us and we thanking to Pastor W. for his teaching and ‘mountain moving faith. Really we got more knowledge from it and we will go to the local church to do healing ministry. Pray for me to do healing ministry in Orissa because of many people have healed in Orissa. Please pray for us.. GOD BLESS YOU.

10. NAME: Manoj Kumar Suna, Jhda Kusumi Nakatiguda, Papada handi, Nabarangpur Orissa 764071. email: [email protected].

Really this seminar I learnt many things. It is very wonderful and useful for my ministry until I teach the mountain moving faith. The maintain moving faith will be useful for evangelism and every time and every moment God will to every thing in my life I have this faith.
Please pray for my ministry and pray for my church believers that they are all Hindu people. Please pray for them they may know who is really God also pray for me I am going some other place for preaching God will use me for his kingdom. Thank you and may God bless you.

Testimony: I am doing the work of evangelism ministry in Orissa. Really I learned and received many things while listening to The Elijah Challenge seminars. God put in my heart to do the challenging in our country. Please pray for me. Sometime I am going to different places of the village so many people are going into the darkness. That is way know I am planning to go and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring out the Light because God has give me to deliver the people. Those where going into the darkness. Please pray for me, God may use me mighty way for his kingdom.
I have one prayer request, please pray for me. I want to go to different place and so the picture of Jesus Christ they my look and believe so please send me some CD or cassette or DVD about the Bible: Creation story from Genesis, Noah, Ten commandments, David and Goliath, and about Jesus. Let the people will receive the glory of God.

11. NAME: Malayjit Kumar Garada (Nabarangpur Orissa)

It was wondrous effective challenging teaching has been restored to me so that I am very grateful and hope able extremely delight within through. Moreover try determination effort to useful it. Definitely sure that this topic as well as understanding message towards me also helpful every aspect of doing ministry as a practical service and we to obey through apply as well as surely it is a very good method to equip for the expansion of God’s kingdom about I going to do according to as the teaching method. If the indicate particular diseases and sickness then we will be demonstrate over them with higher authority of the Lord and power will be used and applied.

12. NAME: Pastor Joel Pani, Lal Bagh AMAGUDA Jagdalpur Chattisgar 494001

Yes this seminar was very useful for me and I learnt many many things for my ministry which I had not heard before. It was very useful for me. I will apply this teaching when I go to my field about the mountain moving faith as a Kingly anointing between the Hindu and Musl__m people and I will win souls for God and I will pray to God for the people. What I have learnt in this seminar I will teach to all the believers about the mountain moving faith so that Believers also can face the mountain (sickness and disease and all the problems) and all can understand about Kingly anointing so they can fight the Satan. And about the priestly so they can be closer to God and spend time unto God for their life. Thank you.

13. NAME: Dhanno Kashyab (same testimony as #34)

Yes it was so useful for me. It will be very useful in ministry because nowadays everybody wants to see miracles and wonders. Through miracles many people can know Jesus Christ. So I have to use the command of God as he has given authority to lay hands upon sick and cast out demons in Jesus name. Therefore I am going to use it soon after this seminar. Amen. Thanking you.

14. NAME: Tushar Mohan Hial. Kholiguda PO-Patri via Papodahandi 764071 Nabarangpur Orissa.

Yes it was very useful for me to demonstrate the power of God to the unbelievers and bring them to Christ. Nowadays people simply do not hear the gospel, they expect to see some miracle to take place. So I will go and demonstrate the power of God in my Church when the Hindus come and also I am going to conduct the small crusade and call the people to be healed by the power of God and experience the power of God then preach the gospel to them. Also I am going to teach my fellow workers about The Elijah Challenge ministry so that when I will have the crusade then I can call them to minister to the people during the crusade and healing rally as well. Thank you.

15. NAME: Nabayat Nahat Hial. Kholinguda PO Patai Via Papalanhandi Dt – Nabanangpur 764071 Orissa India.

Really this seminar is challenging for me and this is very important in my life to lead a holy life. Use the authority of God in a proper manner. Yes it is useful for me. I am going to use this very effectively in the days to come as I have learned here and by seeing the miracles with my own eyes. I am so enthusiastic to use it very quickly in my life. Amen.

16. NAME: Pratap Kumar. Dalei Guda PO/Sindhi Guda district Nabarangpur 764059 Orissa. Email: [email protected]

Your classes throughout the last three days were very much effective and wonderful, useful to me. I learned to use the God-given authority that would be very much useful in my ministries. I am going to apply those teachings in my ministry by casting out demons and healing the sick. I am going to use authority given by Savior because now I have the mountain moving faith of God. With this it is my decision that I will teach others as well, that they will also acknowledge the mountain moving faith. In this way I am going to apply in my ministry. Please pray for me and for my family. Thank you.

17. NAME Sapuro khura. Bethajharan p. nakotiguda dest Nabarangpur Orissa India. Email elg.sapuro.

Your classes throughout the last three days were very much effective and wonderful, useful to me. I learned to use the God-given authority that would be very much useful in my ministries. I am going to apply those teachings in my ministry by casting out demons and healing the sick. I am going to use authority given by Savior because now I have the mountain moving faith of God. With this it is my decision that I will teach others as well, that they will also acknowledge the mountain moving faith. In this way I am going to apply in my ministry.

18. NAME: Bikram Kochim from Orissa.

Really I thank God for this seminar as well as I thanks so much to the teacher who suffered a lot, spent time with the Lord and collected the source to teach the millions.
Really this seminar was so much useful for me as well as it is useful for everyone who attended it. Before I did not understand much about my own authority which I received from God freely. Throughout this seminar I got the Faith of God and the Mountain-moving faith and I hope that coming days I am going to use it in the missions of people, only for the Kingdom of God. Thank you.

19. Jugala Koshor Suna. Jhad Kusmi Kakotiguda Papadahandi, Nabarangpur Orissa.

Yes the seminar was very useful for me. I learnt very good things. Through this Elijah Challenge Healing Seminar I learn new teaching before which I never heard at anytime. I thank God for this wonderful arrangement and I thank you that God using you mightily and I will apply this teaching method in my locality according to the word of God. So please pray for me to do God’s ministry with miracles in my life and keeping the fruit of the spirit in my life until my last breath and I will never forget you I will pray for you and your ministry. Amen. And pray for me to receive the mountain moving faith. God bless you, Amen.

20. NAME: Prakash Chouhan [email protected]

Really this seminar was very very blessed for me because last 6 years I have been in ministry but I do not know clearly this teaching. So really I am so thankful to you and all the team. If it is possible then I will call in Maharastra so thanks. (3rd year student)
Really I want to move in this teaching and I want to teach my people. I want to use in my ministry because after this course I am going to do ministry in Maharastra state so thank you.

21 NAME: Horish Chandra Korkora

This seminar is useful for me in my future life and especially to be closer with God and do miracles and make disciples for God. I am going to apply my future ministry through the teaching of Elijah Challenge Healing seminars. It will be so useful for my future life it is my hope and belief and faith of God.

Thank you Pastor W. for what you taught to us. For our future life. Please pray for me and I will be praying for you. Thanks.

22. NAME: Praphul Bagh. Bandha guda, Nabarangpur Kantajam 764069Orissa.

Yes it is most useful for me because of last three classes it was very effecive so I feel good. Really it was very great teaching that touch my heart. I am going to apply in my church and also outside of people. Though how don’t to Jesus Christ because of through your teaching I am going to apply in my ministry field as well as in my church. Also Thank you for teaching us.

23. NAME: Syad Yesudrs Dolniguda, Sindhiguda Rnirgn guda thurpurf pur Orissa 764059

The seminar was very useful for me because before I prayed to God and according to that prayer I got the teaching from God’s servant for use in the healing ministry for His kingdom.

I will apply the teaching what I got the healing teaching to this seminar. This the God teaching for us. According the teaching I will apply and do His ministry. Please pray for me before I may not get this type of teaching but I got this healing teaching. God not I give thanks to our living God. Because of God planning whatever we asking according to our needs god is giving me the good method and teaching. I will apply accordingly what I got from God’s servant, God will bless surely so that please pray for me and my ministry. Thank you may God bless you. Amen.

24. NAME: Durjyadhan Dongri, Bandhaguda PO Kantagaon via Anchalgumma. Dist. Nabarangpur 764069 Orissa.

Yes this seminar is very useful to me. Why? Because before I did not have such seminar. In these 3 days seminar I could achieve many things which must be useful in my ministry. Especially I could learn here how to perform the miracle wonderfully. So this seminar was very very essential for me. In this seminar I could learn about the mountain moving faith and the authority over the disease, demons and over all kinds of infirmities so this authority which I learned is going to apply in my ministry that I will place my hand upon the sick or on the portion of the pain or on all infirmities and then I will command. And rebuke in the name of Jesus to remove all the pain and all the infirmities and I will say “be restore and be healed in the name of Jesus” I am so thankful to you for coming over to teach. Really I enjoyed in these 3 days seminar, please pray for me to have mountain-moving faith and have the miracle everyday in my ministry in Jesus name, Amen.

25. NAME: Sagar Kochim, India

Yes it was more useful for me because of this seminar I learnt more things. This seminar was very applicable for the ministry to share the gospel. It was very good method. Because nowadays people are not (willing to) hear that much gospel but if there is miracles then they may come. According your teaching given to people surely it will take place. Therefore this teaching after the seminar I am going to apply. It is very important for my ministry.

26. NAME: J Shibu, 2nd year student HMBC.

Yes, by the grace of God I got an opportunity to understand the difference between “faith in God” and “Faith of God” and how to apply in ministry. Surely from today I am trying to practice the healing ministry by the faith of God and mountain moving faith. I could do more things for the Kingdom of God. I thank God to send you to teach us the powerful miracle works of our God. The seminar sharpened my spirit and get more strength and boldness to stand for God.

27. NAME: Samuel Singsit

Yes, this seminar is very much useful for me because I got a lot of useful thing in my life. Through your teaching before I didn’t know that (Things that I didn’t know before). According to my concept (understanding), the better way to apply in my life through scripture presentation note as well as to bring out in practical life, and also better way to teach other people also. Thanking you.

28. NAME: P sobi, 3rd year student.

Yes of course the seminar was useful. Before I didn’t know (whether the) healing ministry is my duty or not but now I understood healing ministry also I can do (it). Also through this study I understood different kind of faith in God and faith of God, (and) how to apply in ministry. After the seminar is over I am going to apply priestly anointing and kingly anointing with mountain-moving faith by commanding in the NAME of Jesus to release from sin and disease and demon spirit. Thank you for your good teaching.

29. NAME: Ajit Bagh, Girlimunna I.O.Dasamanthpur, Koraput, 765028, Orissa.

Yes the seminar is so useful for me to bring many unbelievers under Jesus Christ through using this power and authority of God. Really, it will be so useful to do the ministry of God in different places. Actually nowadays the Hindu peoples want to see only miracles and wonders. By seeing the miracle they will believe. So when I go in my field an prepare on convention and those who are sick and possessed by demons or any satanic effect so I pray God and laying my hand on them and the sick and cast out the demons.

30. NAME: Pastor Raven Kumar, Orissa.

Really I thank God for this seminar. Before I had the teaching of healing, (but) at the same time I also had some doubt about the healing. I realized that through out the teaching of the Elijah Challenge healing seminar I understood the truth very clearly as well as I could know the faith of God (mountain-moving faith). When I will go in my local church I will apply it with the faith of God. I will command the demons and diseases with opened eyes. Thank you.

31. NAME: Aito Swu

Yes this seminar is very useful for me. I am going to apply this teaching through the power of Jesus. By teaching (this to others) and (we) will (win) the great (numbers of) soul(s) for God’s kingdom.

32. NAME: Paul Kochim.

Yes though this seminar I was blessed from God and what I learnt is very important and useful for my field ministry. Through this teaching I got full confidence that I have authority to command the sickness and demons in the name of Jesus. Really this method I am going to apply in ministry field. While I was doing ministry before I came to this Bible college I was not doing it like this. Thank you Pastor W. as well as the team members for your coming to this India and teaching and preaching the God news, and giving confidence of the power of authority. Really I am going to do the like this seminar and I am so happy to do these things.

33. NAME: Evangelist Rajesh.

Praise the Lord, I have been working God’s work for three years. I have around 15 believers in my church so pray for that, pray for the God’s work.

34. NAME: Sabon Kumar Bhatra.

Yes it was very useful for me and through this seminar I could learn many things by your teaching. It will be very useful in ministry because nowadays every body wants to see the miracle and wonders through miracle many people can know Jesus Christ. I have to use command of God as the God given authority over sickness, diseases and cast out demons and lay hands upon the sick to I think I am going to use it soon after this seminar.

35. NAME: Rajesh Mandory

This seminar my life I really my learnt (about) increasing in the God’s ministry. I can do great ministry I learnt Gods work.

36. NAME: Rejimou K 3rd year student.

It was very useful seminar in my life. I am going to teach this faith of God and faith in God. Through my faith which is given by the Lord I want to show God’s miracles. Thank you.

37. NAME: Mahendra Kumar

It was very effective for me and applicable in God’s ministry. I am going to apply this as you have taught and use in (my) future ministries. Thank you Sir for your teaching. May God bless you and use you more and more for His glory.

38. NAME: Kaurina Au (Australia)

Yes, the course was definitely useful!

Day 1 session: I know the difference between healing the sick and praying for the sick. I understood that every believer has authority to heal the sick, but not mean that they were given the gift of healing. I leant that I need to command the sickness to be healed just like Jesus did which is described in the Bible. I needed to have mountain moving faith to exercise the authority that God gave me.

Day 2 session: I thorough understood the difference between faith in God and faith of God.

Day 3 session: the good parts between current mass evangelism model and the end time model The last point is questions to reflect our understanding. Knowledge about this seminar. Those questions can answer my misunderstanding. They gave me a clear picture of God’s teaching.

Application. The last part of the 3 questions are the principles of healing the sick. I needed to equip myself through God’s words encouraged by other church members, have faith in God. That He can do it, nothing is impossible, establish and maintain relationship with God through prayer, build the fruit of the Holy Spirit as my personal character and eager to grow those fruits. These three things are the foundation of believers. I will remember them forever because it so touch my heart. The next step is exercise the authority God gave me and command the disease be gone with mountain moving faith. I can apply this teaching in my daily life: My family members, cell group members, friends and the other church members. However, it is hard to apply in my workplace because it is non-religious and I need o keep praying in this area.

Pastor W., thank you for teaching us. It is a valuable seminar. It is very useful for the rest of my who like. I certainly will share your teaching with my husband and children. They have had no chance to participate. I look forward to see you again in Melbourne or somewhere else. Thank you again, God bless, Karina.

39. NAME: Megan Griffith, Melbourne, Australia
The course was definitely one of the most useful courses both for my personal life and ministry. In fact I had been praying about how to deal with a personal issue for the past two years, earlier this year I knew that God had answered my prayer, but I had to wait for the answer. I believe that teaching contained in The Elijah Challenge was the answer. Now I know that I need to take up the authority that God has given me over my flesh, as well as in ministry, which was wonderful revelation for me. So far it is working! We also had the chance to practice ministering ‘Elijah Challenge’ style in the villages when we visited Orissa. We saw many people healed. Two people I ministered to were instantly and completely healed of wrist pain, others required more than one dose but were also healed of various illnesses. One Hindu village priest came to Christ even without an alter call. It was fantastic for me to experience this, and to understand that I don’t have to wait for some special anointing or move of the Spirit to heal, but just to exercise the God-given authority. My prayer is that I will continue in my workplace in Australia, and not give into fear and unbelief. I am so thankful to the Lord and also to Ps W. and his team in the USA for their service to the body of Christ. God bless you.