Reports from Tom Linebaugh

Tom initially trained with The Elijah Challenge via our online videos

“I just wanted to let you know what happened to me a couple days ago.

I was at Walmart placing my groceries in my car, when I was approached by a homeless lady that was in great need, we located her husband limping badly in front of Walmart.

Clint and Betty are a married couple, both homeless and in great need of not only train fare, but food and shelter, as well as healing.

Clint had PWS or POST WAR SYNDROME, as well as bad pain in his leg, so I, after taking them to their motel, placed my hand on Clint’s leg as he gave a scream from the pain of just my initial touch, his leg was immediately healed by commanding healing and commanding any spirits of infirmity to get out in Yahshua the Messiah’s Holy Name through faith in his name. Clint was a believer in Jesus the Christ (whom I call Yahshua the Messiah).

After Clint was healed I told him he had power and authority as a disciple of the one and only Holy Son of God Almighty Yahweh, Yahshua the Messiah himself. Then I instructed him on how to lay hands on his wife and command healing in the same way that I did, and his wife’s leg was immediately healed! Hallelujah!

After this I asked the Holy Spirit to minister healing and comfort to Clint for the PWS he suffered and we could feel the presence of The Holy Spirit ministering comfort and other things I know not what, for he is able to do more than I can comprehend. As Clint cried from the presence of the Holy Spirit ministering unto and into him, I just praised the God of Heaven who has given such power and kingly authority to the sons of men…

Clint now knows about his kingly authority and has a whole new confidence about him. Hallelujah!

Thank you for your encouragement and for helping me to get a better education on how we are to act while commanding with authority, my techniques needed some revising for the healing of the sick, etc.”