Using a scriptural approach which follows the gospels and Acts closely, The Elijah Challenge equips every disciple according to the model of Jesus Himself to minister healing to the sick as evidence to those who never heard that He is the only way to the Father. We also help equip the Church to make
 ready a people prepared for the return of Christ by confirming through miraculous healings the preaching of repentance from sin resulting in the fruit of personal holiness. 
It has been accepted by evangelical Southern Baptist leaders who have attended the Training. The time of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the time of the nameless disciple is at hand.

We do not teach the scriptural gift of healing as taught in 1 Corinthians 12:9, but rather the authority to heal (Luke 9:1-2 & 10:9) which is given to the Lord’s disciples for the proclaiming of the kingdom of God. Jesus moreover promised that those who believe in Him would do the works that He did (John 14:12).

Supernatural healing as we teach it can actually be common ground for evangelicals and charismatics—leading to reconciliation and unity within the Body of Christ. 

We have held historic Campaigns like those in Vietnam and Egypt, but now our work is closely following New Testament Scripture to help equip present-day disciples to obey the Great Commission.

For the testimony and background of the founders of The Elijah Challenge, please click on Dancing on the Edge of the Earth.

Below are recent reports from nameless disciples who have been trained. More information


Recent testimonies & reports by disciples trained

North India: 42,000 people accept Jesus Christ in four days

“Prophets of Baal” totally outdone by trained disciples in post-Christian England 

Miraculous healings on the street in Beijing, China

Viewing & downloading: The Training on YouTube (English & Português)

Download the Training:  Basic Training I Videos | Basic Training II Videos Training Manual

Download 90-minute Training:  Hell’s Second Best Kept Secret | View on YouTube

Introductory Powerpoint: Introduction to The Elijah Challenge

Inmates at prison wailing & praising God through the night following miracles
Japan: miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge Training
Unconscious Hindu woman wakes up; set free from witchcraft curse over the phone
Lady healed in restaurant after church at Houston’s First Baptist

Beloved pet dog’s heart stops; revived in Jesus’ name
Miraculous healing testimony of Canadian gospel preacher with heart disease
Egyptian disciple heals the sick after reading Training Manual & listening to tapes

Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge in an underground church in Asia
18-year-old Texas girl ministers supernatural healing at Southern Baptist Retreat
150 families baptized following TEC Feeding Event in Haryana, India
Miraculous healings in Adelaide, Australia

“When I heal your heart, I will heal My Church’s heart”
(and He has already miraculously healed her congenital heart disease)



Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge in Orthodox Romania
 Uneducated villagers in Sabah, Malaysia heal the sick effectively in Jesus’ name
“Unplanned” church planted in unreached village as Catholics healed “unexpectedly”
Brazilian disciple heals every infirm person in home following TEC Training
65-year-old Romanian woman with heart disease climbs stairs like a thirty-something after healing at a distance during Training event

1,400 Hindus receive Christ at event with Elijah Challenge-trained disciples
New Jersey church witnesses miraculous healings & salvations
Malaysian Christian from traditional background heals the sick following TEC Training
New convert from Hinduism healed at newspaper stand in Malaysia
Unreached people group in Orissa, India comes to Christ following miraculous healings

Dancing on the Edge of the Earth: missionary adventures of faith in Indonesia

Southern Baptist Pastor Rickie Bradshaw on The Elijah Challenge
Pennsylvanian Don Swarm lost his lower left leg but now teaches healing!
Sister healed and set free after repenting from “strategic-level spiritual warfare”
Aussie disciple trains others to heal the sick for the gospel after watching online videos

Confessions of an Elijah Challenge Coordinator

Confessions of a Hospice Chaplain

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