Orissa, India
November 2014

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

“I just heard a very powerful testimony from our Elijah Challenge-trained brother Junul who ministers in the area where Australian missionary Dr. Graham Staines and his two young sons suffered martyrdom in 1999—by being burned alive at the hands of radical Hindus.

In a nearby Hindu village there was a woman who had been possessed by demons for eight years. She had two baby boys. She had suffered torment at the hands of the demons in several ways. Her husband and family had taken her to several places, but she was not delivered. When possessed by the evil spirits, she was unable to recognize anyone or anything. Sometimes she would scream with a loud voice, and many times she would inflict wounds on her own body.

Her family was very much fed up after taking her to several places and having brought many sorcerers to treat her. After spending much time and money, they thought to take her to a nearby Catholic school led by a Father. The Catholic Father prayed for her. She made a lot of noise and troubled the Catholic Father. It went on and on like this for some time. Several times they brought her to the Father, but the demon did not leave her.

Finally the husband asked the Father if they could meet with our brother Junul. The family took the address from the Father and went to see brother Junul. He explained everything to Brother Junul.

It was wonderful. Our brother went and ministered to her one morning while she was being attacked by the demons. The demons, however, did not shout and did not cause any problems.

Again in the evening our brother returned and ministered to her. The name of our Lord is great. After several years of demonic torment she was completely delivered from them.

The family accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. The Lord opened the door to that village as earlier it was not possible to reach that village with the gospel. Praise the Lord!”