Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Prem in Orissa reported:

“A woman named Kalari Naik was suffering from a tumour. She had taken many medications, but the tumour remained. The doctor told her to get an operation. But they are poor and did not have the money for the operation. They heard about Pastor Prem and called him for prayer. After they described the matter to him, he prayed and ministered to her. He continued to visit the family for a few days, sharing the gospel.

The tumor vanished and she was completely healed. The family accepted Jesus Christ.

A man named Benu had a broken leg from a severe accident. He was hospitalised for a month. After that he was unable to walk. Because of that he could not travel to his work place anymore. Pastor Prem went to their village and preached the gospel. He asked them to believe on Jesus. The family believed him and requested him to pray over Benu. And so Prem ministered to him. Praise the Lord for His great mercy! Benu was healed and was able to walk properly. Nowadays he is going to work. The whole family accepted Jesus Christ.”

Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator
Orissa, India
July 19, 2015

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar