Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

March 18, 2008

“A believer in my church that had been directed to me a while back and wanted me to share with her my knowledge about healing and I had shared with her what I had been taught at that time and told her to follow the example of Jesus and the apostles. Four Sundays ago I was sharing some principles of The Elijah Challenge with this same woman and her husband not long after our Advanced Training in Houston. After going over just a few of the principles taught I had explained that the main purpose in this authority we have been given were in the name of evangelism and she replied that she didn’t feel called to be an evangelist. I told her that she might not be called to be an evangelist but God has commanded “all believers to go and make disciples.“ This was taking place at the front lobby of the church after service was let out and at that time she asked if I would pray for her and I asked what was wrong for I had no idea she had any medical problems. She replied that she had herniated (or bulging) discs and that she could hardly stand there talking to me.

I told her and her husband to open their eyes and not to pray but to take authority and we started pushing that mountain into the sea. After the first time we commanded healing she still had pain, then the 2nd time she had relief but not all pain was gone, then the 3rd time all pain was totally gone. I had her walking doing knee bends, touching her toes, moving side to side and no pain existed. After that I don’t know why but I asked her if she had any pain in her knees and she said she took cortisone shots often for them due to degenerated something, I forgot the medical term. I had her husband and her together with us all taking authority in Jesus’ name and her knees were totally pain-free. During all this many people in the church witnessed this. There was also a new members luncheon that had just let out and while they were being given a tour of the church they also witnessed this. We all gave glory to Jesus, a few weeks later the woman spoke to me in the lobby and testified that she was still free from pain.

Last Sunday my wife and I went to the home of a couple who sponsored a life impact group. I got to witness to a new brother that just started coming to the church… There were people praying for some who were not present who had infirmities and after everyone was finished I asked if there was anyone who had any infirmities. One man was a diabetic; his pancreas was dead. Another woman said her doctors told her she needed a knee replacement. I had the group open their eyes and lay hands on the man and we commanded a new pancreas; we are waiting for the report from the doctor. [Then I turned to the woman who had the bad knee.] I instructed that if she had any unforgiveness or bitterness in her heart, she should get that out of the way first. She admitted that she had had some problems with a co-worker and that she had taken care of that. After that we laid hands on the woman’s knee and commanded healing, I took her hand [and walked her around]. She said she didn’t have a limp anymore so I had her squat; she felt pain in her knee. We laid hands on her again with authority and I took her hand and had her exercising her knee as she had not been able to before. She got on her knees and cried before everyone and exclaimed that she had wanted to go to the altar to pray that morning and could not do so because of her knee. After that we all gave praise to God and I gave praise to God and begin to pray openly and asked that God would give each person there a boldness to carry out the work that he has for us; we were all worshiping God.”