Host Pastors: Rev Samuel & Pastor Betty Wong
Location: Eagle Range Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia
August 15-18, 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

SOS Assembly is a two year-old church and its very exceptional name stands for “Streak Or Speck”. That is of course based on Genesis 30, where it tells of how Jacob, in spite of the scheming of his father-in-law, Laban, was blessed with flocks that had specks and spots. The founding pastors are Rev Samuel and Pastor Betty Wong. This couple is more dynamic than most young adults even though one is in his fifties and the other in her late forties. This church camp was the first for SOS Assembly and well attended by more than 100 campers. It was held at Eagle Range Resort at Port Dickson.

At the gate of Eagle Range Resort, Grace and I were greeted by resort staffs in cowboy uniforms. There were all types of buildings that resembled those from the American Wild West. These were modern air-conditioned buildings built like tepees, band wagons, log cabins and paddock chalets. For the first time, we got to stay in a “tepee” with roofless bathroom. Apart from the unique lodging and lovely environment, Pastor Sam and Pastor Betty even assigned two members to serve as our personal “butlers”.

During the first two sessions, I taught from Isaiah 51 in accordance with the camp’s theme which was “The Cup of Trembling”. These sessions ended with the campers repenting of their sins and also memorising the Ten Commandments. On the third and fourth sessions, I was able to present a shorter version of The Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism. In the last session, Grace sang a solo special, much to the delight of the campers.

During the healing demonstrations, the born-again believers came forth and with whatever faith that they possessed, they tried their hands in healing the infirm. Just as Jesus had promised, the healing power began to flow. People were healed albeit after several times of commanding the disease and pain to leave. A new convert was healed of her frozen shoulder. She was to be baptized during the camp and this healing was like a double blessing. A brother received his healing in a nonchalant way. When asked about his ailment, he said that one of his ears was deaf. Later, when asked again, he simply smiled and said, “I can hear now! He apparently had no doubt that he would be healed. A grandmother had pain in her arthritic knee for a couple of years. After some of the campers laid hands on her, she said that she felt better. She was happy that her pain had been greatly reduced and wanted her fellow campers to stop taking authority over her “slight pain”. However, after some encouragement, she allowed them to continue. To her great relief, even the shadow of pain disappeared. She stepped up and down the platform to test her healed knee. Then she walked about and promptly declared that she was healed. Another lady, who had yet to accept Christ as her Saviour, was watching afar off at the back of the hall. When she saw the positive healing results, she also came forth to be healed. The Lord healed her of an annoying back pain and she testified with tears in her eyes. Then to our amazement, she bent down and touched her knees with her face.


From young to old, campers were getting healed. One by one, they testified to the glory of God. We thank God that even with such limited training, the campers were able to exercise their faith and heal the infirm. Grace and I enjoyed the other exciting programmes of this camp but this is not the place to write about them. We were glad that the pastors had requested that we come back to conduct a full training course on Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism in the near future.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia