Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

Eczema skin condition improved tremendously

Recently my wife and I were talking with a brother and discussed his daughter’s health condition. She has asthma and uses a breathing machine for treatment daily. She also has a skin condition called eczema.

We made a visit to their home and we rebuked and commanded with authority for both infirmities. We did not get instant results, but after a few weeks my friend called me and told me that the skin condition had improved tremendously.

We are still waiting for the asthma to be healed; if not soon we will go after it again.

Ministering to woman with tumor & cancer

A brother a few weeks ago informed me that his wife had been diagnosed with a tumor in her breast and cancer of the lymph nodes. I returned the email and ministered with authority and hadn’t heard from him, so I called him and found out that she was being treated with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before they do surgery. I was going to make a visit to his house and my wife was out of town on a women’s retreat. He told me that I ought to wait and come when my wife was back so she also could visit with his wife. I told him on the telephone that we could do that but that I wanted to minister to her from a distance at that moment. He said that would be fine. I rebuked the spirit of cancer and commanded it to come out and never return. I commanded the tumor to be gone and all cancerous cells to die and for her to be made whole in the name of Jesus Christ.

I asked her over the speaker phone if there was any change and she replied that she had a considerable amount of pain in that area of her body and that the pain was gone. The brother reported that he felt power going through his hand as I commanded healing. The brother told me that in the same area she had an area of skin that was festering like a sore from her condition so I said we would take authority again. So we took authority again. There was no instant change, so we both agreed that we would look forward to upcoming results in the near future. Terry sent me a text message early the next day and reported that the raw flesh area had healed overnight.