Report by Albert Kang, Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia
April 2014

Reports from Albert Kang

Note: Bangladesh follows primarily the religion of the prophet M originally from the Middle East

The Maranatha AG Church, situated at Faridpur District, is pastored by Rev Proshanta Roy. During the first healing service held in its premises, there were pastors and church leaders from other churches. As the church is also a school during the week days, young school children occupied half of the sanctuary.

During the healing session, we unleashed this group of young students upon the infirm so that they could minister healing to the adults. Many adults, who were sick, were their teachers, pastors and parents. God honored the faith of these students and healing miracles were happening everywhere. Chronic back pain miraculously disappeared. There were quite a few with pain all over their bodies but the healing power of the Lord just swept the pain all away. An elderly man was weeping because he could not believe that his pain was gone. Women with arthritic limbs and joints were instantly healed. They tested their new condition by bending, squatting and kicking their legs. Some with digestive problems, bloated stomachs and breathing problems were quickly relieved by the presence of God’s healing power.

The local pastors also jumped into the healing steam and exercised their faith in healing the infirm and many were healed through the laying of their hands. Everything was done in an orderly manner and there was no hysteria, people falling down or screaming… without all the emotional hypes. The rippling sound of many voices commanding healing filled the air. And the imposing presence of Jesus Christ was there to bring healing to all. Praise the Lord for touching these residents of Faridpur, Bangladesh. The power of the Gospel was once again made known to this part of the world.