Luke 7:7 …But say the word, and my servant will be healed.

Friday, February 20, 2015

1:20 pm from Pastor Eula B. Washington

My son Pastor James admitted to the hospital, has pneumonia and doctor did knee surgery this morning because pneumonia moved to weakest area in his body. Please keep him in prayer. 

6:37 pm our reply

Pastor James, be healed in Jesus’ name. We rebuke the pneumonia and all complications that came with it. In Jesus’ name leave James. Jesus Christ heals you, James.


2:38 pm from us

How is James?

3:56 pm from Eula

He’s good. He rested last night.  Please continue to pray.

7:34 pm from Eula

James’ doctors are testing his kidneys to look for a problem and a fever. Pray all the infection out of his body…

8:56 pm from us

We rebuke this spirit of infirmity in Jesus’ name.  Stop attacking James right now. Be healed, James, in Jesus’ name.


3:28 pm from us

We are at this moment training a group of believers with The Elijah Challenge, and together we are all going to minister healing at a distance to James right now by “saying the word,” commanding him to be healed in the name of Jesus.


12:10 pm from us

How is James?

7:53 pm from Eula

Amen!  The Lord did a turnaround. His kidneys didn’t shut down and James will not be on dialysis! Hallelujah! 

(The texts were edited for clarity)