Reports from Albert Kang

The Elijah Challenge received a message from Sister Megan Griffith in Melbourne on April 7, 2008:

“Greetings from Melbourne. It is good to hear of the Lord’s grace to you in Singapore and Malaysia. Praise God!

I have a personal request, but I am not sure if this is possible. Last weekend I found out that a friend of mine (called Kausik) who serves God fervently in Malaysia was hospitalized due to a back injury. They performed and urgent back operation, but he is not recovering very well, he is still in a lot of pain and has numbness in one leg. He is in a hosptial in Klang (Selangor state) which is about one hour’s drive or train ride west of KL. If possible would you be able to visit him to pray for him? I have no doubt that your schedules are already very busy, but would you please consider to pray and ask God if he wants you to go there to pray for Kausik?”

In response to this Pastor Albert Kang of Elijah Challenge Asia in Malaysia and his father-in-law Brother Ong went to visit Kausik on the following day. As they laid hands on Kausik, the Lord healed him miraculously. Pastor Albert wrote:

“This afternoon (8 April) at 4 PM, in the midst of heavy rain, My father-in-law and I drove to Klang and visited Brother Kausik and his wife, Sister Tiala (friends of Sister Megan Griffith).

Brother Kausik and his wife, in their thirties, are Indian nationals and Brother Kausik works as an engineer at Port Klang. Brother Kausik was already no longer in pain when we saw him. The doctor had taken out one of the discs in his spine and he is recovering well. However, his left leg was numb since the surgery.

After explaining to him about the ministry of The Elijah Challenge and how Jesus wanted us to heal with the authority given to us, Brother Ong and I proceeded to heal him. The first command brought forth instant response – Brother Kausik immediately felt sensation returning to his leg. Then after subsequent commands, he felt feeling returned throughout the whole left leg except for a slight numbness on the edge of the foot. He walked up and down, twisted his left foot and checking every angle to make sure that he was really healed.

Praise the Lord that Brother Kausik said that he could do the things that just that morning he could not do with his left leg.

We went home rejoicing that once again, the authority, that the Lord has given to all of us, had made an impact in the lives of these two servants. They promise to attend our next Elijah Challenge Basic Training.”

Laying hands on Brother Kausik’s foot

The feeling returns to his leg

He is healed!