Kurt & Mary Simms

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

Healed from vertigo & bad discs

After Bible study one Sunday evening at our Baptist Church I noticed a couple that had attended and the woman was having trouble standing from dizziness so I approached them and introduced myself and began to ask what the problem was and if I could help. These people were new to the church and had been attending about four weeks.

She expressed to me that she had been diagnosed with Vertigo which has to do with equilibrium, It had caused her to fall down and pass out at times. She had expressed that she had quite a long career with Wal-Mart in management but had been off on medical leave and disability and that her benefits had ran out.

As the crowd had left the sanctuary I called the pastor and an elder who happened to be there over and asked them if they would join me in praying over this sick woman. So I had them lay hands on her and I also and I rebuked the infirmity and commanded in the name of Jesus Christ for her to be made whole.

After this I asked her how she felt and she said she felt different. I had her test herself for balance and she reported she was better but not all the way so we continued a second time and she walked around and said she had not been able to walk around like that in a long time.

Through talking with her I found out she had several bad disc in her back that had restricted her so we commanded healing through the back area and she was totally healed doing knee bends and all sorts of movements that were impossible before.

I saw them three days later and she is doing fine and had a positive job interview with JC Penny.